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What can I do to make an upper respiratory infection go away

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The most recommended treatment for upper respiratory tract infections is rest and plenty of fluids. Cold & flu remedies work too. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-make-an-upper-respiratory-infection-go-away ]
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What can I do to make an upper respiratory infection go away?
The most recommended treatment for upper respiratory tract infections is rest and plenty of fluids. Cold & flu remedies work too.

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my kitten has a upper respiratory infection & wont eat?
Q: i just adopted my kitten 'nightmare' yesterday and when i got her at the shelter they informed me she had a small upper respiratory infection and that they'll send home medications with me. she tested negative for all the cat stuff. and other then that she was healthy. She acts happy runs and plays. doesn't sound like she even has a stuffy nose. she just sneezes once in awhile. i did notice she didn't like dry food. the shelter had sent me home with 1 can food (noticed it was for 'adult' but gave it to her anyways) i mixed it with the dry food i had bought. (brand was recommended by the shelter as for what shes use to) today i went and bought can food for her and mixed it with the dry food again and she just kinda looked at it, smelled it then walked away. I'm worried, she hasn't eaten today. she had no problem eating last night. she still happy. (little tired after i gave her her meds) im unsure what to do. should i call the shelter? does the meds make her appetite go down? other then the not eating she acts like a cat. help !!!! (she uses her litter box just fine and had no problem taking over our house and warming up to us like shes known us her whole life)shes up to date on ALL her shots, has NO fleas. i do have kitten food. (wet and dry) shes about 4 to 5 months. had no stress what so ever. like i said. she seemed like she knew us her whole life and had no problem taking over.
A: I see two possibilities. First, if she has a URI, she probably doesn't have full "scent capability". If she can't smell, she won't eat. Second, she's in a strange new place. It's normal for cat's not to eat when they are scared or anxious. Try warming her wet food a bit so it smells stronger. You can also try giving her some plain unseasoned chicken broth (my cats have never turned it down). Make sure to give her all her meds even if she seems well. Not finishing a course of antibiotics can result in relapse of the infection. If she doesn't eat by tomorrow, you do need to call the vet.
Why won't my cough go away?
Q: I have had a cough for at least 3 months. It started out with typical cold symptoms. My doctor prescribed me an anibiotic for an upper respiratory infection about 3 months ago and it really didnt help my cough at all. I have taken at least 5 different cough or cold medicines, Benadryl, Tylenol, etc and they didnt help at all either. It has went up and down from severe continuous coughing to occasional. It is not better or worse at an particular time of day. For about the past week or so I have been getting a large amount of thick mucous in my throat when I cough, so much it makes me gag, lol..but I cant cough it out. Ive heard this may be good if i can cough it up but I just cant. I am so tired of coughing! Has anyone else had this problem or do you know what my problem could be? Could something be seriously wrong? Thanks for your help!
A: If your doctor cannot help, ask around to find a doctor who can give you help. Have you had allergy testing? Do you have hay fever? There are many reasons for your problem. Find doctors and interview them before you take them as your doctor. I have had a bug that is staying with me, only for three weeks now. Who knows if it will go away.What is irronic is that I quit smoking a year ago. I had not had a cold in five years. This year is the worst as far as health goes. Yea, I am so thankful for quitting.
Can a cat with a respiratory problem pass it onto a bird?
Q: A little over a month ago, I bought a Lovebird. Unfortunately he was sick when I got him, I caught it too late, and he died two days later. I suspected he may have had an upper respiratory infection (due to the sneezing and possible lack of appetite) but I was never 100% sure. Nonetheless, I scrubbed down and disinfected everything just to be on the safe side. I kept a close eye on my two cats for the next week or so and they seemed to be perfectly fine. During this time, I asked my family to keep and eye on both of my cats while I visited my grandmother out in California for a month-- of course, they agreed and said they'd call me if any problems popped up.I've been back for a little less than a week and I noticed that both of my cats have occasionally been sneezing. Normally, I'd think it was something like a minor cold, but after having my previous Lovebird die, I went into full panic mode. I've spent the past few hours gathering as much information on upper respiratory infections. Aside from the sneezing and the wet nose, they seem to be doing fine. they both have a healthy appetite and are still extremely active for older cats. (Of course, that hasn't stopped me from scheduling a vet visit for Saturday.)To make matters worse, my family thought it'd be a fantastic idea to get me another Lovebird as a 'welcome home' kind of present. I've been busy pulling out my hair trying to keep the cats away from investigating the new member of the family. (--and I've been doing a horrible job.) I can't leave the room for five seconds before finding the cats chilling out near the bird. I nearly had a heart attack when one of my cats sneezed a few feet away from her! Now, I have my Lovie on close watch to see if her behavior changes any! (After taking the cats for their appointment, don't worry, I will be taking the bird in!)What I want to know is...Can a cat's respiratory problems be passed onto a bird?(I'm assuming 'yes', but I figured I go ahead and ask anyways.)Thank you so much for an answers I may receive!
A: I don't think they can, but to be honest I am not sure. I starred your question, one of my contacts is a bird expert and maybe she will see this. I am glad you have a vet appointment coming up, I would just keep everyone calm til then, sounds like a very minor cold and I am sure everyone is going to be just fine. Just, as I am sure you know, keep an eye on everyone and if anything gets worse, phone your vet. Best of luck!!!

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