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What can I do to help my dog with the stomach flu

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If your dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, give him Gatorade instead of water. This will replenish his fluids and electrolytes [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-can-i-do-to-help-my-dog-with-the-stomach-flu ]
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What can I do to help my dog with the stomach flu
If your dog has diarrhea or is vomiting, give him Gatorade instead of water. This will replenish his fluids and electrolytes
Can a dog get the stomach Flu?
no thier is different strands that affect a dog than humans i learned it in science class a couple weeks ago
Does my dog have a stomach flu?
You really should take it to a vet. I don't think a stomach flu can be shared between you and your dog, although all things are possible, I do not think that this is something that we catch from each other in the animal world. She could hav...

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Can dogs get the stomach flu?
Q: my little 13 month old dog (hes a mix of boston terrier and we don't know what else) started throwing up and pooping all over the place 2 days ago. Using the bathroom in the house is certainly not like him. He has VERY rarely ever had an accident. It was an all day thing for him starting off with him vomiting three times in the course of 2 hours and pooping once before throwing up again. When it got to a point where he hadn't had another accident for 3 hours I figured it would be okay to take him outside. (we live in an apartment complex that has no yard, only small dog parks therefore we can't just let him outside without a leash and supervision) He was doing fine until 5 minutes into our walk he laid down and started dry heaving. We walked a little further before he crouched down like he had to go again but nothing came out and he was howling (something I've never seen/heard him do before). He was fine for the rest of the night. My husband and I figured it must have been something he ate because we have a bad habit of feeding him people food and my dad had really spoiled him the night before so we figured he just ate too much or something didn't agree with him. Regardless, my husband and I decided no more people food. He was perfectly fine yesterday which made us think it was just what we suspected, until we woke up this morning at 5 a.m. to the sounds of him dry heaving and eventually vomiting with piles of poop everywhere. I took him outside a few minutes later and everything that happened the other night happened again. Is there any over the counter meds or anything I can do to help him. I will take him to a vet, but due to financial difficulties at the time I would like to see if there's anything I can do first. Also, to help, we haven't changed his food at all, he was given roundworm, ringworm, etc. medication three weeks ago because he eats constantly and isn't gaining much weight. He has hot spots on his back due to dry skin. the only new thing he is exposed to is oatmeal dog shampoo to help his skin which we have used twice. Hope this helps.
A: He probably ate something bad or had too much of something. Just like people when the body takes in something it's not used to or that throws our system off, our body tries to get rid of it by throwing up or going to the bathroom. Make sure he has plenty of water, diharrea causes dehydration. Also, try making him cooked chicken n' rice and mixing that with his food... it helps for upset stomachs and is good for dogs too. If he's fine now and no more throwing up or excessive bathroom use, then it was probably just a one time thing from something he ate. No more people food. Dogs' systems are more sensitive then ours and it's not good for them. If you feel like spoiling him buy him a few diff types of treats and give those to him on occasion.
My dog has been vomiting stomach bile for 3 days, refuses to eat or drink. How can I help him?
Q: My 4 year old Pom has been vomiting for 3 days as of today. He is normally a very active dog, super hyper...but has been lethargic since yesterday. He is vomiting foamt stomach bile, and refuses to eat or drink anything. I have been giving him syringes with water in an attempt to keep him hydrated. I took him to the animal hospital early yesterday morning...the vet said his breathing was shallow and gave him a broncho dilator as well as a steroid and an antibiotic. We got home and he continued to vomit several times, thus, I called them and they said to return for an X-ray. I did...there is swelling of his intestines and a lot of air in his stomach, the vet gave me more medication as well as something for his stomach. Yet he has continued to vomit throughout the night and is still lethargic. The vet said he has gastroenteritis.Upon calling the Vet today, now they are saying to bring him back again for a Barium...they want him to swallow a camera. Is a barium really necessary?? Could this just be the flu? If anyone has had this issue with their pet please let me know what you think or what I can do to help at home or with natural remedies.
A: The Vet is correct, I believe. Dogs and other animals do not get Flu. It sounds like something serious is wrong with your dog's intestines, and a Barium Enema with a Camera showing the insides of his intestines is the appropriate thing to do. Please keep in touch with the Vet. He is doing very good, in my opinion. I have a friend who's Pug was very sick, vomiting, etc., but it died. They did a post mortem on it, and found the intestines were looped over themselves. Not to say your dog has this, but just to let you know awful things can and do happen sometimes. I doubt, very much, that this is what your dog has though, as it would have died long before now. I, myself, had the same exam your dog is to get, this past month, and found I have a few polyps in my large intestine. So, I speak with a bit of experience. Please get him tested. Good Luck!
My stomach hurts. How do I make my stomach ache go away? And why do I have one?
Q: I had an upset stomach a little bit last night. Just a tad. Then i woke up at like 1:30 with a little stomach ache, went to the bathroom (felt a little better), and went back to bed. I woke up again at 3:00 BOILING HOT, took all my covers off and went back to bed. Then my alarm went off at 6 and I was freezing, achy, and nauseous. I put my robe on, went downstairs grabbed a ginger ale and have been sitting here. (and ihavent been on the comp this whole time. i only got on to ask this question)Last night for dinner I had: Broccoli, Cauliflaur, and Carrot Veggie Steamers with cheddar cheese sauce. There was a little brown on the broccoli but my mom told me to cut it off and eat the rest. It was hard to tell wht was brown and what was not with all the cheese sauce.My dog wouldnt even eat it when i tried to give it to him which is a bad sign but i ate the whole thing anyway.Right now im a little nauseous. i dont feel like throwing up but my stomach is a little upset. i went to the bathroom (not so good...) and i feel really good now but i know im still sick. and im freezing cold you have no idea how cold i am!How can i make my stomach ache go away? And what may be wrong (is it from the food i ate, stomach flu, or something else?) Im staying home from school and my mom may stay with me because shes got what i got from last week. (im usually not sick. but idk whats wrong)Please help? I feel icky :[
A: Stomach ache is one of the more annoying things in life. Remedies:Lie on your back with a cold rag on your stomach. Your feet must be at a higher level than the rest of your body. Try putting some pillows below your feet and the ache may go away. Eat a herb which aids digestion, such as ginger ale, or Aloe Vera Juice (an anti-parasitic that aids digestion). Similar herbal teas that help digestion include mint, ginger or chamomile tea. Place a heating pad on your abdomen to give temporary pain relief. Lie down for a few minutes and relax don't do any activities even if you feel better. Make sure you feel better for good or you'll make yourself even more sick! Close your eyes. Place a cool moist wash over your forhead and watch tv and just relax. Breathe slowly and evenly, trying to keep your mind off of the pain. Listen to some music if you get bored. Sip a glass of iced water slowly. Eat Saltine crackers or toast. Sometimes stomach aches are caused by too much acid floating around in your stomach with nothing to do. These foods will help absorb the acid to make things a little more comfortable. Also, sipping a glass of water will help to dilute the acid in your stomach. Drinking an alkali like milk can neutralize the acid in your stomach too, but be careful as too much of a thicker substance, such as milk, can cause the stomach ache to worsen. You may also just be hungry! Lie on your left side for 5 minutes on a comfortable couch or bed to see whether it will allow you to burp. This is because the stomach is on the left side of the body and the esophagus enters the stomach on the right. So, the bubbles of gas can rise to that entry point and make a burp possible. Avoid spicy foods, heavy foods, or rich desserts until your stomach feels completely better. Don't drink any energy drinks while dealing with a stomach ache. Loud noises that could start a headache will only worsen a stomach ache. Drinking black coffee tends to aid the digestive process. Try carbonated beverages such as ginger ale, carbonated mineral water (mix with juice to add flavour), or tonic water (with quinine, it tastes horrible but it works!) Avoid drinking dairy products, though if the stomach ache is being caused by too much acid inside the stomach, it is a good idea to drink milk which is an alkali (since alkalis such as milk, plus an acid will neutralize each other) Place an ice cube above, on, or below your belly button and lie down. This may numb the pain temporarily. Use a hot water bottle pressed to your abdomen, but be careful it's not so hot that it burns you. Try taking a warm bath and relaxing for a little bit in the tub. Sit down comfortably and bring your knees up to your chest and stay like that for a minute or two. When you stretch your legs out again, do so slowly. Over-The-Counter Medications:Take over-the-counter medications like Gas-ex to relieve the pressure from gas build up. Allow yourself to pass gas. It may be somewhat embarrassing, but you do not want to become bloated or let the cramps become more serious and painful. Also, go into another room, such as the bathroom, to pass gas if you do not want to be embarrassed. Take a mild laxative to encourage a bowel movement for relief. Try Emitrol or Imodium to relieve cramps associated with diarrhoea. Pepto Bismol may help some stomach related pains, along with other over the counter products. Check labels in the drug store or ask the pharmacist for their advice. Do not stop taking medication prescribed by your doctor. All medications should be taken unless the doctor indicates otherwise. Prevention:Make note of any foods that may disagree with your digestion. Some people are not tolerant of various foods, so if you often suffer from stomach ache, keep a food diary and try to determine if there is any association with a certain food or group of foods and your stomach cramps. Malunggay extract can prevent cramps and stomach pain in persons who are lactose intolerant. This includes cheese, milk, yoghurt, milk shakes, milk chocolate, etc. Some people have issues with cheese, but may be tolerant of milk or vice versa. Crush some malunggay leaves into some water. Eating an excessive amount of non-soluble fibre may cause cramps associated with constipation. Some people are sensitive to uncooked vegetables and fruits, particularly if the peels are not removed. Avoid consuming harsh substances such as acidic pops, juices, alcohol, and spicy foods. If something is really wrong, these could irritate it and make it worse. Look into the possibility you suffer from Crohn's Syndrome or Irritable Bowel Syndrome and seek medical treatment if this is the case. Consider stress as a possible cause of stomach pain or cramps. If the condition coincides with stressful situations, try to avoid stress as much as possible, and look at learning stress management techniques. Realize anti-inflammatory medications (Adv

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