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What are the best things to do for a stomach flu

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Allow your gastrointestinal tract to settle by not eating for a few hours. Sip small amounts of clear liquids or suck on ice MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-the-best-things-to-do-for-a-stomach-flu ]
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What are the best things to do for a stomach flu
Allow your gastrointestinal tract to settle by not eating for a few hours. Sip small amounts of clear liquids or suck on ice MORE?
What's the best thing to eat when recovering from a stomach flu??
well, definitely something that isn't too strong because that could cause your stomach to ache even more. Eat something that is easily digestible and take a little at a time. I know I really enjoy chicken broth. Always works for me. Try not...
Are Saltine Crackers The Best Thing To Eat When You Have Stomach ...?
Saltines, chicken broth ( I like Lipton cup of soup) jello, 7-up, sprite (I like ginger ale) unsweetened tea go slow and don't eat until you have not vomited for at least a few hours. Sip the soda or tea slowly in small sips, and do not mak...

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What can i do to get rid of my stomach flu?
Q: I've had stomach flu now for about 36 hours, and the last time i ate (a small bowl of yoghurt) was 24 hours ago. I've only drunk 1 glass of water in the past 18 hours as well, in fear of throwing up more and having diarhea. What's the best thing i can do right now to make sure i recover as soon as possible? Thanks!
A: The only thing that will really get rid of a stomach flu is to drink clear fluids in little tiny sips and rest. You should feel better by tomorrow or the next day if it's really a stomach flu, although sometimes it may take three to five days to recover. Make SURE you get liquids - don't try to drink a full glass of water. Instead, little sips every 15 to 20 minutes works wonderfully. If you vomit, wait half an hour and try again! The same is true for soft foods.
What to eat when you have the stomach flu?
Q: I've had the stomach flu for almost 3 days now and it has gotten better, however, I'm starting to feel hungry. I consulted with a doctor telling me that I should just hydrate myself by drinking water, tea and/or gatorade (which I have been doing). I'm just wondering what foods I should eat. The only thing I've been eating were bananas. I've read some advices online and it seems chicken noodle soup is the best, however, I have no idea how to make homemade chicken noodle soup. I was gonna go buy some Campbell's chicken noodle soup but I've read it has msg and it may not be as beneficial as homemade chicken noodle soup. Any advices on what to eat?
A: buy a different brand of organic chicken soup. Mashed potatos, fruit juice, crackers, toast, anything that is bland and easy to digest. Nothing spicy, greasy, or too fibrous.
i have a stomach ace!?
Q: ok guys i need help! what is the best thing to do for the flu or stomach ace that serves for the fastest results???
A: If you're having stomach cramps, take some Pepto Bismo. That stuff always works for me. Sip (don't drink too much too fast) water or sprite, so you don't get naseaus, but so you don't get dehydrated. Get plenty of rest, try lying on your side.

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