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What are some things to help a stomach flu

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For stomach flu symptoms, eat light, drink plenty of water and sleep is the best treatment. A warm bath is always soothing too! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-things-to-help-a-stomach-flu ]
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What's the best thing to eat when recovering from a stomach flu??
well, definitely something that isn't too strong because that could cause your stomach to ache even more. Eat something that is easily digestible and take a little at a time. I know I really enjoy chicken broth. Always works for me. Try not...
What are the best things to do for a stomach flu
Allow your gastrointestinal tract to settle by not eating for a few hours. Sip small amounts of clear liquids or suck on ice MORE?
Is there such thing as a stomach flu?
Technically, no. Acording to WedMD, "Many people who experience the vomiting and diarrhea that develop from these types of infections or irritations think they have "food poisoning," which they may, or call it "stomach f...

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I think I have the stomach flu?
Q: Well, I think I started on Monday having stomach aches followed by slight diarrhea, headaches and a little bit of nausea when I went to the bathroom, but no actual vomiting.And then I lost some weight. Its Thursday now and I still feel like this.Is it the stomach flu? If it is, what are some things I can do to help me feel better?
A: Tyler- Stomach flu (gastroenteritis) is NOT the same thing as influenza nor is it affiliated with influenza.To the asker: It does sound like you have a touch of the stomach flu. Stay home from work or school. Wash your hands frequently after using the bathroom. Drink clear liquids, eat the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and dry toast), and rest.If your symptoms still persist by the weekend, I would call your doctor or go to an urgent care center to make sure there is not something else going on.Normally the stomach flu is done and over with in 3-5 days (from my own experiences). Most cases are 24-48 hours, but it depends on which strain of gastroenteritis you might have.
What are some natural cures for nausea?
Q: My little sister, poor little thing, has some kind of stomach flu. She has been sick since this morning. She is drinking water and eating small amounts of bread. What I would like to know is what kind of natural cures there might be to help ease her nausea. I know ginger is a good cure, but we don't have any and I can't get to a store today... Any other ideas?
A: have her eat saltines crackers and drink diet coke..that always works for me..
What should I do about my friend?
Q: I have had this friend since 2nd grade, she has become one of my best friends, and I love her family. How ever my friend, has almost always getting everything she wants. She has a brand new laptop, the newest version of the ipod, a new camera, ect. and her parents get her almost everything she wants. Well a couple of years ago my cousin started going to the same school as me, and my friend. My cousin and I have been best friends since we were born, and are as close as sisters. Once my cousin started going to school with us, my friend started acting differently, almost as if she was jealous of my cousin beginning to hang out with us, there isn't really an age difference, my cousin is our same age. I kind of shrugged it off in the beginning thinking it wasn't that big of a deal. Well last year my friend's behavior drastically began to change. I noticed she was doing stuff way out of character, like not eating. This concerned me and the rest of her friends and we prompted her to eat and made sure she ate at least something at lunch. Well my friend also has something she calls "panic attacks" which I don't believe to be actual panic attacks. My mom is a nurse and she says people who have panic attacks describe them and how they feel during them something close to a heart attack. Well whatever it is that she feels during her "panic attacks" we all have always comforted her through and blah blah blah. Since the beginning of the school year we really realized that my friend wasn't her self. She always seemed really sad, and not her self at all. she had been diagnosed with depression. Since school has started we have all been really supportive and have all been there for her to talk to and have reassured her time and time again that we will be there for her. But lately my cousin, mine and my friends friends, and I have all noticed that my friend seems to be really upset when me and my cousin hang out. for example i will be talking to my friend at lunch and my cousin will walk up and she will suddonly get sulky. We have also noticed that her "panic attacks" come on when the whole world is not foccussed on what she is doing or saying . There have been many of times where I will be in a seperate conversation with someone and she will come up and be complely annoied that I don't listen to what she has to say, right then and there (note: she starts talking when I am still in the other conversation). Just a little bit ago she came and talked to me saying that she felt that whenever I was with someone else and her that i never listened to her and constantly talked over her, she also informed me that another one of my very good friends was telling her that I was a horrible friend towards her, and that she shouldn't be talking to me. (I did talk to this friend and My friend had completly made this up) I have noticed she is trying to get me to break off with other friends because she is jealous of them hanging out with me. Not only is there this problem, but her mom is getting involved with all the drama too and adding to it. Her mom has called my mom and told her numorus times that My friend feels as though i am pushing her from my life, ignoring her, ect. On top of this my friend has been claiming that she has some stomach flu thing and will run out of the caffiteria into the bathroom claiming to have "thrown up" we have also noticed she is doing this too for more attention. I love this friend with all my heart and i am so confused on what to do, things just seem to be getting worse, and since she is depressed, i don't want to do anything to set her off. I don't know how much more of this minipulative, attention greedy behavior I can stand. Does anyone else have this kind of problem with a friend? What should I do? Help please!
A: that sounds so awful, it must be really hard for u.well she sounds very spoilt. then, i guess it was always just u two, and not ur cousin, hanging out together. then ur cousin came along and she got jealous coz she can't have u all to herself. she probably felt really left out, then this combined with always having what she wants, was totally putting her out coz its not what shes used to. shes used to having the world revolve around her, and now people are kinda going seperate ways and shes not getting as much attention as she used to. she has serious attention issues, and you would just reward her behaviour by giving her lots of attention. then when it seems like she is ok again, you would go back to normal and she would be bad again. talk with your friends, your mum, your teachers, whatever it takes, and get them to understand whats going on with her. maybe your mum or teachers can tell her mum whats really happening, so that you'll stop getting into trouble, and they can help her. youve done nothing wrong and you've just tried to help her and now its getting really hard. her parents shouldn't have spoiled her so much, this leads to sooo much difficulty later in life (as u can see...) . but u are being a good friend. just warm people, let them know whats going on coz no matter how annoying shes getting, she is in pain and needs help. good luck ;)

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