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Is it normal to get hot and cold before getting your period

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Many women experience cold and flu-like symptoms prior to the onset of their period. Try taking it easy and rest. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-normal-to-get-hot-and-cold-before-getting-your-period ]
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Is it normal to get hot and cold before getting your period?
Many women experience cold and flu-like symptoms prior to the onset of their period. Try taking it easy and rest.

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Comparing symptoms?
Q: I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of symptoms they have when it gets to be time for your period. I want to know if mine are normal and if anyone else symptoms like mine. I usually lose my appetite a day or two before my period starts. I also start to have weird dreams. Usually two days before my period starts I wake up feeling fine but sometime during the day I feel sick. I get very weak and lightheaded and feel kind of sweaty and no matter how cold the house is--I'm hot! I also (sorry if this grosses anyone out) take a big poop the day before--always. Does anyone else have any of these things happen before your period starts? I'm just curious...thanks!
A: Everyone has different symptoms. For me, I tend to get bad cramping, mood swings, and lethargy about two days before my period starts. The symptoms go away a day or two after it starts.
I think I may have had a miscarriage? ?
Q: Alright ladies,You know the discharge some of you get before your periods? Well, I started to get that. So, I wore a pad, then it stopped. I didn't think anything of this, becuase usually this is normal. You know, whatever- but, then! As it started to get a slight darker I figured, you know, I'm going to be gone today I'm going to wear a tampon. (It was 1 degree outside, and I don't know WHAT I was thinking, but I went outside with only a sweater.) I probably did that becuase the car is right next to the house with an automatic starter, but anywho I did go outside in the freezing cold like a complete terd, and when I go home. My "period" took a turn for the worst. I went COMPLETLEY through a regular tampon, (tampax pearl, no cheap generic ones for me), and well I went through the tampon it was all over my pad (I wear them incase I leak), it went through the pad, onto my underwear, and all over my legs. It was clumpy, and it was alot. Then, the next day, it was like my period was all done. After that, nothing except some spotting. Also, for further details.. My period is ALWAYS late, ( I'am a bit of a heavier set woman ) so, it is kindda of normal. Except the last time I had a period was probably last November? It was pretty long, I agree and I'm stupid for not checking if I was pregnant, but the day I was going to I started to get nauseas, felt like I wanted to puke, I was all hot, and then thats when I started to spot, and the next day I had that big swush of blood, and then nothing. Do you have any idea what this may be?
A: It could be a miscarriage, as apparently many women have them before they realize they are even pregnant... but the female body is just plain crazy sometimes, too! Our hormone levels are different in the first part of the day and often we can feel really nauseous from it.. I used to get this even when I was a virgin. Crazy hormone levels can also cause hot flash type symptoms and the like.. which I've also experienced, and as for the period itself.. I have even gone to the ER from a period where I thought I was having a heart attack... and the docs said it happened to many women and was some type of phenomenon where the blood loss is so quick you basically pass out due to some nerve.A friend of mine was having her period.. bled right through everything within a half hour or so... it got all over her pants, it just gushed constantly to the point where her hemoglobin dropped dangerously and she spent a week or two in the hospital. Nurses and docs couldn't explain it.. and she wondered the same thing.. "am I having a miscarriage?". She didn't take into account that she was dealing with the loss of her job, the death of her father, her divorce and a break up from a new boyfriend all within 8 months or something so it was most likely due to stress.So I would say.. most likely it's something else and not a miscarriage.. however there is always the possibility. If you are worried.. go to a doc.
Is feeling uncontrollably tired, and dizzy normal around that time of the month?
Q: I have been starting to feel terribly and uncontrollably tired and dizzy a couple days before and the first few day at the start of my period. I also get hot and cold flashes and feel extremely sick to my stomach. I am debating on going to see a doctor about this as it affects how I function during the day and is starting to affect my work. I know it is only a week of hell every month, but it is becoming hard to deal with. Does anyone else suffer from this? What do you do to help cope with it? Your help and insight would be much appreciated :o)
A: I am anemic and I have some issues close to that but I try to double up on my iron. Maybe you should get your blood work done and find out if you are anemic or perhaps your hormone levels will too cause the body to go out of whack

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