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Does herpes cause your throat to be sore

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Herpes may cause flu-like symptoms which do include a sore mouth and a sore throat. Painful blisters may occur in the mouth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-herpes-cause-your-throat-to-be-sore ]
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What kinds herpes cause sore throat?
Okay, first of all your cousin's doc is not giving the most accurate info about the herpes (not uncommon among doctors, unfortunately). No one can know if herpes (any type) is in a dormant state, since the herpes virus goes in and out of a ...

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Herpes in throat??
Q: Can herpes (1) cause blisters in your throat and cause your left tonsil to swell very painfully? I had an illness a few months ago that started with awful canker sores, then progressed to painful swallowing with apparent sores in my throat. My left tonsil swelled terribly, and both tonsils were red and had white patches on them. My neck glands were swollen, and I was tired. It was not strep, and I did not have a fever. Could Herpes (1) be the cause?I was not feeling well for almost a month, but the tonsils lasted no more than 2 weeks, followed by just generally not feeling well.Also, I'm in college, and I think that not getting proper rest extended my sickness.The Dr. said it sounded like a virus, but I wanted to add that my left tonsil has remained ugly looking and enlarged, though not as much. It seems as if it suffered permanent damage.
A: sounds like it could be a virus.
Could this be herpes?
Q: For 1 week I was experiencing a lot of symptoms similar to a UTI (burning with urination, itchiness/soreness, pressure in pelvic region) along with a fever,sore throat, swollen glands, and just generally run down flu-like symptoms. I have been to my doctor 3 times since and have eliminated strep,mono,uti,had pelvic and doctor said ovaries were normal. Yesterday when I went I said I was now able to spot where the pain was coming from - inside the vagina but inside the labia. He checked me and said I was a bit irritated and said there were a few tiny sores/spots of irritation. He sent me for blood work to test for herpes. I will know the results by the end of the week.My question is this: exactly 3 weeks ago I had my annual GYN exam and was given a pap as well as blood tests for every STI - I was negative for everything. I had sex a week later, and the next day began feeling sick and experiencing pain down there...I know this is stupid but we did not have any KY or proper lubricate so we used lotion with a perfume in it. Could that have irritated me down there or have caused an allergic reaction where it would sting to go pee. I think the fever, sore throat, and swollen glands may have been un-related just a cold or bug. Could I have herpes even if I tested negatively 3 weeks ago? I have been with the same man for a year now and suddenly this happens...the only thing done differently was the lotion.Please give me your outlook I am very scared and couldn't sleep last night. The idea of having herpes frightens me so much!!
A: Wow. Lots to go through in answering your question so forgive the length. The short answer is that its likely irritation.First, know that most "complete" STD panels do NOT include herpes. Don't know why, they just don't. So just because you had a bunch of blood work done and they said you were fine doesn't mean that you didn't already have herpes. You need to find out if they specifically did a blood test for HSV2.Second, know that it takes several weeks (12 to 16) before your body builds up enough antibodies in your blood for a positive herpes test. So it is very possible to get a negative herpes blood test even after you've been infected with herpes. Three weeks ago or one week ago - its not soon enough for a blood test to be meaningful.Ideally, he should have swabbed the irritated area. A swab test actually tests for virus on the skin. When its negative, it can be wrong - its easy to not get enough virus on the swab for a positive test. But if it tests positive, you KNOW that you've got genital herpes.I'm worried that your doctor doesn't understand about antibodies building up in your blood. At this point, so early in the process, a blood test will likely be meaningless. Or at least a negative result will be meaningless. It sounds like you have a very good, reasonable explanation for what's going on - irritation from perfumes and great sex, and a head cold. I'd - see what the test results come out as- keep a close eye out in the future for other, similar, unexplained irritation that might indicate recurring herpes sores.- think about making sure future STD panels include a test for herpes.Good luck.
Help with canker sores?
Q: Does anyone know if it's possible to get a canker sore in your throat (back near your tonsils)? Also, is it possible to have more than one at a time?For those who don't know, I am NOT talking about cold sores. If you don't know the difference, this is it:Canker sore: located inside the mouth, not contagious, no know cause (but many theories)Cold sore: located outside the mouth (on or around the lips or mouth), contagious, caused by a certain strain of herpes virusThank you!!! Again I am NOT talking about cold sores.Wow, really helpful guys. Of course I have googled this already before posting this. And I didn't ask for treatments. That was not one of my questions.
A: i don't know if its possible or not but i hope u get better. i feel for u.

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