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Does ginger ale help with the stomach flu

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Yes, ginger ale, Seven-up and Jell-o will all help ease your upset stomach. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-ginger-ale-help-with-the-stomach-flu ]
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Does ginger ale help with the stomach flu
Yes, ginger ale, Seven-up and Jell-o will all help ease your upset stomach. ChaCha!
Does ginger ale still help you if you have regular flu not stomac...?
the flu is a respiratory infection. there is no such thing as a stomach flu, you are referring to gastroenteritis. but if your stomach hurts, try the ginger ale, it might not help but it ain't gonna hurt
Why does drinking gingerale make your stomach feel better when yo...?
Ginger settles the stomach. Ginger ale has ginger in it so it settles your stomach. If you could eat something with ginger you would get the same benefit but you can't eat when you are sick so you drink ginger ale for the ginger in it. Tea ...

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Why does ginger ale help with upset stomach?
Q: I just got over the flu but my stomach felt a little sore tonight so my aunt gave me ginger ale. I am feeling much better now from it, but what chemical helps with sore stomach?Thank you! Just curious!
A: This is an excellent question and I am happy to answer it for you! Ginger is a proven stomach relaxent/accelerant which has similar effects to apple sauce. The ginger falvanoids neutralize excess stomach acid in your stomach which can cause discomfort. Always eat ginger in moderation and never operate heavy machinery after using it.
how long does it take to recover from the stomach flu?
Q: i had the stomach flu for two days and on the third day i thought i was able to eat some solid food for once. so i had some fired rice and drank some pepsi big mistake I felt like throwing up after eating but i couldn't. now i am stuck with stomach craps is there a way around this problem cause my father wants me to drink ginger ale and take some Tylenol for the cramp. i don't feel like it cause I feel really full and can't eat anything else so please i need so help here
A: There is no such thing as the "stomach flu".When one claims they have the stomach flu, they more than likely have "Norwalk virus".Don't take Tylenol, it will make your stomach ache worse and won't get rid of the cramps.Drink ginger ale if you have nausea, ginger is a natural nausea reliver (only if its real ginger)It may take up to a week to fully recover...You should defiantly stick to easy foods for the rest of the week.Here are tips on preventing norwalk virus:"Norwalk virus"(Just remember that hand sanitizers will not kill this virus.House hold cleaners such as Lysol will also not kill you.You must use bleach.)The Norwalk virus causes viral Gastroenteritis which is known as the nasty 24 hour bug that causes explosive and sudden diarrhea and projectile vomiting.Usually non life threating but can cause complications in the very young,elderly and those with compromised immune systems.PREVENTION-Wash your hands before preparing food/eating food and most importantly, TOUCHING YOUR MOUTH/NOSE/EYES.The ONLY way to become infected with this virus is if you ingest the contaminated fecal/vomit particles through your eyes,nose and mouth.It is impossible to "breathe" in the virus BUT possible to become infected by breathing in aerosol "spray" droplets from someone vomiting right next to you.(the droplets settle within minuted but can still infect someone until cleaned with bleach)Even if your whole family breaks out with this virus, you can prevent it by washing your hands for at least 15-20 seconds with warm water and soap.Remember that you are not killing the virus, you are washing it down the drain even if you use an antibacterial soap (which only kills bacteria, not viruses) hand sanitizers are also not successful in killing the virus.If a member of your family comes down with the virus, let them know to wash their hands AFTER a bowel movement and vomiting.To clean infected areas, clean with BLEACH.Clean bathrooms (all infected areas) with a bleach solution as soon as possible and be sure to prevent cross contamination and wash your hands afterwards.Especially children! wipe down all commonly touched objects like door knobs, faucet handles, light switches, toilet flushers etc.People are STILL contagious even after 24 hours after their symptoms settle down so it is always important to wash your hands after the rest room (which you should do anyways!)The key to staying Norwalk virus free is to keep sanitary.Wash your hands after using the bathroom...you could prevent other peoples misery as well as yours!!TIPS:Do not share any cups/plates/utensils with an infected person and be sure to wash in a bleach solution to prevent cross contamination with the rest of your family.
24 hour stomach flu..PLEASE HELP?
Q: i hardly EVER get sick. i woke up and didnt feel good then i ate some biscuits got ready for school and brought ginger ale with me and took pepto bismo. well i felt SOOO sick but i thought i was tough...im not i HAD to come home!! i threw up and had dierrhea my stomach STILL hurts so is this just the 24 hour stomach flu?? should i be able to go to school tomorrow? and what should i eat?so:1- is it the stomach flu2- can i go to school tomorrow3- what can i eat?oh yea i dont have a fever.also what should i do im super bored..i know this is in the wrong catogory..but you guys help the best!!
A: HEy lily i hope you feel better I missed you on the bus i had to talk to James =( I hope you can come to school tomorrow

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