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Can dogs get cat scratch fever

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Yes! The fleas can carry from a cat, but like cats they only receive minor flu like symptoms from cat scratch fever. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-dogs-get-cat-scratch-fever ]
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Can Dogs get Cat Scratch Fever?
"Cat Scratch Fever" is caused by abscesses. Cat's nails are DIRTY, when they puncture an animal with those nails the animal will get an abscess, as the abscess fill with infection (pus) the animal"s, or human's temp. will spi...
Will my dog catch Cat Scratch Fever/ be affected by it??
This is a question you should be asking at the vet right now. Cats don't get "cat scratch fever," but they can get Bartonella henselae infections (though having symptoms is rare). There are a lot of other conditions that are much ...
How do you treat cat scratch fever on a dog?
You take the dog to the vet.

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Can Dogs get Cat Scratch Fever???
Q: I posted a question on what I should do last week when my dog attacked my roommates cat and almost killed it. Well I was wondering when they got into a fight Friday morning the cat scratched my dog all up, and wanted to know can dogs get cat scratch fever and if so what are the symtoms?? please help. others...this is what happend how they got into a fight...when we moved into our house my roommate used to always tease my dog with her cat. she would pick the cat up drop her in front of my dog and tell my dog to get the cat and sit there and laugh about it..well friday morning my dog actually got the cat.. he broke the cats jaw and now the cat can only eat wet food and her mouth is always open. anyways please let me know if dogs can get cat scratch fever.
A: "Cat Scratch Fever" is caused by abscesses.Cat's nails are DIRTY, when they puncture an animal with those nails the animal will get an abscess, as the abscess fill with infection (pus) the animal"s, or human's temp. will spike just before the abscess opens up and drains. Occasionally it won't drain on it's own and needs to be lanced.In any case, your vet will want to give anti-biotics to keep the infection from becoming systemic.
Can dogs get cat scratch fever?
Q: Recently my dog came in from outside covered in blood, immediately I put her into the bathtub to get rid of the access blood to find out where she was cut, turns out it's on the ear. It's not too deep and she'll be alright but we're still unsure of what caused this, it looks to me like a animal fight even though we didn't hear anything.. I'm concerned it could be a cat scratch so in that case i'm also worried she can get cat scratch fever? Just wondering if this is possible and if so what are the symptoms and what should I do about it.. I could be being just one of those over dramatic pet owners but better safe then sorry. Thanks for your help!
A: I think it's possible. Cat scratch fever comes from the bacteria from the litter box(feces) which the cat carries on its feet and the bacteria causes an infection. I would take her in to the vet tomorrow to have it looked at.
Yesterday a dog scratched me hard. I was bleeding a lot. Should I worry that I will catch something?
Q: Is there anything I can catch? I was at a dog park and a small pug ran up to me and jumped on me. She scratched my leg really hard. The scratch is thin but 3.5 inches long. I started bleeding immediately. I pretended nothing happened because I didn't want the owner to feel bad about what her dog did. I got my dog and left so I could buy some peroxide and polysporin. So I'm wondering... can I get some disease or something? You know like cat scratch fever? (don't laugh, there really is such thing and I know this is a dog, so can I get some other disease?)Shoot! I didn't think of tetanus. I did get one 10 years ago and it's supposed to be good for ten years.
A: I know cat-scratch fever, it's real. But I'm not sure you'd get it from a dog scratch. The symptoms of cat-scratch are very sudden - fever, chills, aching.It's good that it bled, that's the body's natural way of cleansing the wound. (Obviously too much bleeding that doesn't stop isn't good.)Keep the scratch clean and dry. Don't apply too much peroxide on it as it can strip away beneficial moisture/oils, and slow down heeling. Keep an eye on it, and if it gets infected, your local pharmacist could probably provide sufficient advice.If it were me, I would have told the dog owner. It might be a recurring problem (the dog hasn't been trained boundaries or is just hyper)- or it might hint him/her to trim the dog's nails!

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