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Can cramping make you puke

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Yes. You may have gastroenteritis or stomach flu. Symptoms include abdominal cramps, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-cramping-make-you-puke ]
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What could make you sick in 2-4 hours with cramps and vomiting bu...?
It depends... How old is your sister?

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How can you make your period shorter? Girls?!?
Q: I know its an odd questuon but...HELP. When I get my period, it gets BAD. I get nausious...sometimes puke, I'm ALWAYS tired, and the cramps make me want to curl up ina ball for the rest of the week. HELP ME!! Thanks.
A: Midol or Tylenol. Remember to eat regularly (unless you puke, then becareful when drinking fluids or eating). Sometimes if you move around like take a walk or something that can help cramps. Also, masturbation supposedly helps cramps. And get lots of sleep to keep from getting fatigued.
my life sucks,can you please help?
Q: well, ever since i was a baby ; i have been too grown-up for my age. i'm 13 and people are always mistaking me for 15-17. mentally, i am that age and i look it, because all my life i've been forced too. my parents has always fought a lot, and i've been through way more than you understand ; i wont even mention it. when i was littler, i've gotten so scared it damaged some of my nerves, and things. so now; i'm on a nerve medicaion i have to take every morning before school, i can't ride rollercoasters or even be around them, i have anixety, and i can't stand to talk to a therapist or counseler. my parents wont let me see one ; they think i'm crazy and lieing. honestly, i'm not ; and i wouldn't. i've been and been to them at school but they make me even more nervous and i can't stand to talk about what has happened. if i dont take my pill everyday before school i puke and get really bad diarra and extreme bad stomach cramps that make me cry. my mom has irrtitable bow ; which i inherited. but they have absoutley no medication for me for that, nor a cure. i have no idea what to do ; i hate not being able to do so many things and my stomach getting nervous over stupid stuff.. please help me?
A: I have a few suggestions:1. You must decide that you want things to be better. Then, you must be willing to take the help that is available. You say that the school offers counseling, then try that. Even if you feel anxious, try short sessions with school counselors.2. Use a journal to express your feelings. Be honest and just say what you feel. Do this to get the feelings out. Don't just use it as another time to complain. Use it like "therapy time". 3. Listen to uplifting positive stories, music, etc. Don't spend time with negative people or things. Be very careful about what you allow into your head!4. You should not be taking anti anxiety medication unless you have been seen by a psychiatrist. They have been trained to know which medications to try for specific conditions. 5. You need to be evaluated by a Medical Dr. to rule out a medical condition. If no problems medically, you need referral to mental health specialist.6. Give God a try! He created you, He loves you (no matter what)!7. Take one step at a time, one day at a time. It's not easy being 13 and feeling so alone! Your life is going to get better. Hold on and be determined to overcome any and all obstacles!I'm Praying for You!
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Q: my breasts have been sore, well just the nipple come to think about it. i know you can make yourself beileve that you are pregnant when your not. so im wondering am im making myself cause this? it hurts to wear a bra or even a shirt for that matter. ever thing that my husband is saying couldnt be a pregnacy sign is also a period sign for me, like the feeling of wanting to puke, back pain,cramping on side as well as period cramping, so if im not what else could it be? i had my period a month ago but im a few days late now. i think im causing myself to be late. i have done this before. so whats some things i can do to make my period come. i know it will come when im relax. im not really stressing about it. i have only thought of the possiblity a 2 days ago, my breast have been hurting since a week before my last period.
A: let me know if its a boy or girl!!

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