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Can a pregnant woman take Theraflu

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TheraFlu recommends that women who are pregnant or nursing contact their doctor about using TheraFlu in either case. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-a-pregnant-woman-take-theraflu ]
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Is it ok for a pregnant women to take theraflu?
it should have a leaflet with the do's and dont's, if not then wait for medical advice but usually pregnant women not supposed to take an medication other than paracetamol unless prescribed by the doc.
Is theraflu safe for pregnant women im 17 weeks?
no....call our docs answering service, they'll tell you what you can have. Your in your 2nd trimester now, so there are some things you can take. theraflu is definitely not one you can take

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Is it ok for a pregnant women to take theraflu?
Q: my sister in law is about 9weeks prego n really sick the only thing ever helped her was theraflu and now that she is preg she wants to no if she can still take it! we cant call the doc because there all closed right now and she needs to know asap! thanksk thanks!
A: No theraflu. Take Vitamin C. You can take Airborne or Ester-C. They are Vitamin C tablets. Drink orange juice if she can keep it down.
What sinus headache medication can I take during pregnancy?
Q: I have a really bad sinus headache. Tylenol isn't working. I was wondering if any pregnant women out there took Sudafed and have been fine. I also would like to know if any pregnant women out there took TheraFlu and been OK too...Thank you
A: I have really bad seasonal allergies which give me sinus headaches if I don't take medicine. I normally take allegra which is a drug that they are unsure if it will affect the baby or not so I don't take it. The doctor told me to take claratin. She said this would not harm the baby. I've been told don't take sudafed in the first trimester, but it's fine in the second and third trimester. Try the link below, it tells which meds are safe while you're pregnant. Good luck and Congratulations!

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