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Which burns more calories swimming or running

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Believe it or not, swimming almost always burns more calories than running does. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/which-burns-more-calories-swimming-or-running ]
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What burns more calories? Swimming or running?
Running is best, it can burn 900 calories per hours. Jogging will burn 600 calories per hours and walking will burn 15 calories per hours. It will depend on the speed, higher speed consumre more energy and burn more calories. However, swimm...
Does swimming burn more calories than running?
Swimming is known to be the best way to exercise.
Do you burn more calories running or swimming?
It depends on what intensity it is done at.

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Which activity burns more calories?: Swimming or running/jogging?
A: It depends on how fast you are running or swimming, and sometimes which swimming stroke you are using. The link below give calories burned with various exercises and also takes your weight into account.You might want to look at my 360 Blog from September 10 for some thoughts on conditioning.Aloha
Which exercise will burn more calories, running for an hour or swimming for an hour?
Q: Trying to get rid of a few pounds I put on over the winter so I am back to swimming and running, should I just stick to both? Which is the biggest calorie burner?
A: Interval running is the best FAT burner.Run/Jog for 12 seconds and Sprint for 8 and keep doing that for an hour, or however long you plan to exercise.
Does swimming burn more calories than running?
Q: Someone told me that Swimming burns more calories than Running or jogging. If this is true, Ill cut my time on the treadmill and increase it at the pool.
A: It depends on your speed, but generally, no, running burns more calories. The following figures are for a 180 pound person:Swimming - freestyle, moderate 572 calories in 1 hrRunning - 7 mph 939 calories in 1 hrTo figure out your numbers with your weight and speeds, use the activity calculator from the website in the source.

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