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Where is your sternum located

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The sternum is the long bone in the center of your chest where your ribs connect. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/where-is-your-sternum-located ]
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Where in the body sternum located?
Chest Sternum is a long flat bone, articulating with the cartilages of the first seven ribs and with the clavicle, forming the middle part of the anterior wall of the thorax; it consists of three portions: the corpus or body, the manubrium,...
Is the sternum located in the thoracic cage?
The sternum or the breast bone is one of many bones that protect the vital internal organs in the chest from trauma. The sternum is the bone that lies in the front middle of your chest. This bone is not located in the thoracic cage such as ...
Where in the body do you find the sternum bone?
The sternum is located at the top-centre of the chest, where the ribs come together, and can be felt quite easily by moving the hand downwards from the throat.

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where is the sternum located on a man?
A: The sternum or breastbone is located directly in the center (from left to right) of the chest. If you move your fingers from right below your pectoral muscles in the mid-line of your chest and move upwards to the clavicle or collar bone (this bone moves across your shoulders), the bony structure you are feeling is the sternum.
-Anatomy- Sternum and Ribs, where are they located? And what is their function?
A: The ribs are on your abdomen and protect your inner organs. The sternum is the boney piece in the middle of your chest that connects the left and right ribs. It is also used to protect inner organs, especially the heart.
Where is the heart exactly located?
Q: I thought it was mainly below the sternum but I saw pictures indicating it doesnt at all go below the sternum?
A: The heart is located in the middle of your chest. It sits behind and to the left of your sternum.Here:-http://www.worsleyschool.net/science/files/heart/page.html

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