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What will happen if you starve yourself

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You will have a lack of energy and prolonged starvation can lead to hair loss, and heart problems. Thanks and ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-happen-if-you-starve-yourself ]
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How to starve yourself?
Don't. Your body needs the resources it gets from the food. If you're attempting to lose weight, starving yourself isn't the way to go; it just means that whenever you have to eat something, your body is going to cling to it as much as poss...
What happened on 9/11?
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What happens when i starve?
A number of thigns will happen. Fat in your body is actually back up reserves of energy. When you haven't eaten in a while in basically goes into starvation mode and uses the fat to make energy and keep you going. On the other hand, it slow...

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if you starve yourself and exercise, what will happen?
Q: let's say you're obese and have plenty of body fat to lose. won't your body burn the fat whenever you are active?what if you aren't worried about health or muscles, you just want a small body?
A: If you truly want to know from personal experience and my friend's experience, you lose weight. None of us has gained it back. We temporarily did it. But there's certain stuff you have to do when you eat again.Hey, I'm just being honest.
what will happen if u starve yourself all week and then eat too much?
Q: on a normal day i eat all bran cereal in the morning an apple at school and a dinner maybe 4 crakers for a snak but today on the other hand i ate soo much and im going to get so fat......it started off fine with all bran cereal in the morning and an apple at lunch then after school it got ugly i ate a vector bar some fishy crakers 2 peacies toast with peanutt butter nuttela and a date bar from starbucks after school im going to be sooo fat tommorow and i dident work out today i feel so sick i wanna kill myself im so fat now ...im 6"6.5 inch and i weigh 117 im 16 years old i dance 4 times a week wallk my dog 2 times a week and weight train everyday will i get fat?
A: i kind of beleive you know you wont get fat and you just want attention? because you always seem to mention you weight 117 pounds and you exercise sooooo much! get over yourself! i have no pitty for you! and if you are actually this dumb then im surprised you know how to work a computer!!
What will happen if u starve yourself for more than three days?
Q: Okay i'm not aneroxic or anything..but i want to be 85 lbs again..and i'm 115. I just want to loose weight fast for school. And I heard that you gain back..is that true??I mean 110 lbs..and i'm not a fatass..Don't comment if ur negative..like that shelby girl..I just weighed myself i'm 110 and i'm 15i'm 5"1 ..my friends think i'm really skinny already...
A: okay, starving yourself is a bad idea.in starving yourself you slow down you metabolism, which is the ability to break down food for energy. Once you start eating again, your body wont be able to break down the food for energy as well and it will be stored, making you fatter.i suggest running a lot and cutting your daily calorie intake by about 500. By running a lot i mean about 3-5 miles a day. make sure you stay away from saturated and trans fats as they are the hardest to break down. avocados provide monounsaturated fats which have been shown to assist in fat loss. Good luck with this. I feel like if you got to 105 you would be okay.

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