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What muscles make you run faster

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Your glutes and hamstring muscles are the muscles that determine how fast you run. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-muscles-make-you-run-faster ]
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What muscles make you run faster?
Your glutes. And your hamstrings. You have to stretch your hammys really good first.
What can make me run faster?
Wow, these answers really are terrible! Why doesn't anybody want to help this girl? You want a combination of what the 2 serious answer suggested - both longer runs and shorter ones. You need the shorter, repetitive workouts to build spe...
How Do Muscles Make You Run Faster?
・ Step 1: Muscle fibers can be broken into two categories, fast and slow twitch. With each type of muscle...

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What muscles make you run faster?
Q: Like, what muscles should I work when I lift weights to run faster?
A: Having a strong core makes u faster
Will having strong leg muscles make me run longer and faster?
Q: Ive always been Curious, i know strong leg muscles will make u faster at like sprints and stuff but will it improve my endurance? Oh and im a freshman and i got a 23.16 on my 5K race, is this a good score and what can i do to improve?
A: That is a pretty good score, but you could do better. Having strong leg and calf muscles will help in general, but don't overdo it. You should have just a very slim amount of fat to keep you insulated, but not enough to make you chubby! Make sure you get a good sleep two nights before a big race, i know it sounds weird but just trust me! You might not want a watch. It will just make you go slower because you think you are going too fast! Good Luck!
What muscles do you need to make me run faster and jump higher?
Q: I'm 6 foot and 135lbs i got know i need to work out calf but i'm not sure about anything else
A: Your leg muscles are obviously going to improve you running--including inner and outer thighs and calf muscles.What's going to improve your performance more than anything else is increasing your core strength--that's the center of your body--stomach/back/etc. Your core is what gives you more stamina and strength than anything. A simple exercise is to lay flat on your stomach and lift yourself up (kind of like a push-up) except you simply lean on your elbows--so your arm from elbow to hand will be on the ground and your toes--but that's it. Hold yourself up for as long as possible. This builds up your core strength.Another great core exercise---I call it the Superman--it's kind of funny looking but works wonders. Lay flat on your stomach and extend your arms in front of your head (like Superman). Then lift up your arms and legs at the same time and kick your legs up and down while fluttering your arms up and down. You won't feel it at first--but do it for a while--you'll notice a great improvement in your core strength. Good luck!

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