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What is your pulse supposed to be

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A normal pulse rate for a healthy adult, while resting, can range from 60 to 100 beats per minute, depending on athletic ability. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-your-pulse-supposed-to-be ]
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What is your pulse supposed to be?
lots of things can affect your pulse rate. any sorts of stimulants like caffeine or nicotine. also alcohol (though it's not a stimulant) and sugar. if you have a food allergy or intolerance your pulse rate can go up after you've eaten that ...
How many times is your pulse supposed to beat in a minute....??
It very much depends on lifestyle e.g. resting pulse in athletes can be as low as 45 BPM and in normal for them. But in normal person/s, less than 60 BPM is dangerous and anything above 90 can be pathological. Conclusion: Your heart rate un...
Is my pulse supposed to be this low before I go to bed at night??
Hi, any pulse rate lower than 60 is known as bradycardia. It is far too low and you should definitely tell the doctor when you go with your son. Your BP is passable although that too is low. I really think it could be a side effect of medic...

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Are you supposed to have a pulse in your right hand ring finger?
Q: me and my friends just found a beating part of the inside of my right hand ring finger, we've compared fingers and noone else has it. They think i have bugs in my blood stream, but i told them they were stupid.bahaha, if not, why would i have a pulse there and noone else.!!!I can SEE the pulse in the finger, not just feel it.
A: I have a pulse in my fingers if I press on them. I'm pretty sure it's normal. But if you really feel like it's not right then you should tell your doctor or your parents.
Why are you supposed to put perfume on pulse points on your body?
Q: Such as your neck and wrists. What difference does it make?
A: Because those are the points that most give off heat and moisture. You want the perfume to cover up any odor and by putting it on those points, it will, and also, perfumes are made to mix with "sweat" and release a better odor!
What exactly is the "dub" supposed to feel like in your pulse?
Q: Is it the second strong push or the tiny little one you feel after a big push? Like the "lub" is the forceful thing you feel easily on your fingers, but what is the "dub"?Das N: It is when you have half a brain. :)I have also reported you for being completely useless and rude. Enjoy :)
A: You are refering to heart sounds. The dub-lub heart sound is closure of the mitral/tricupid valves(dub), followed by the closure of the aortic/pulmonic valves(lub). However, in the pulse you only feel ventricular contraction which occurs between the two. The pulse is felt after ventricular contraction and often co-incides with the closure of the aortic valve, making it felt during the second heart sound (S2). The first sound (dub) occurs after atrial contraction, and can be witnessed on tracing of the jugular venous distentions or the a wave on a cardiac catherterization tracing.

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