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What is the perfect shape for a girl

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It depends on preference. Many people like different shapes of women. Cha Cha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-perfect-shape-for-a-girl ]
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What is a perfect shape of girls
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What is the perfect body shape for a girl?
There are four types of shapes for women. Hour glass, A shape, pear shape, and slim. Each shape has the potential to be very beuatiful, or very unnatractive. But over all it seems to be the hour glass firgure that is the most sought after. ...
Do girls like guys with perfect shapes?
well personally i like the flat stomach to look at but really once you get out of high school and possibly college when people grow up they realize that it doesn't matter about looks because looks will fade with age but that you should date...

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Why do you have to be in perfect shape to get a girl?
Q: Why girls? why do you have to be so picky. I dont have a perfect 6 pack but i have a pretty noticeable one. Im not fat. I have a bit of fat but im not like Drew Carey or anything. I work out alot. Im not too bad. Why girls. I also have a huge physical problem. The problem is that im half-Korean. Koreans are unpopular with girls. Korean girls dont date korean guys who arent 100% korean. I hate being half-Asian. Its preventing me from getting a date.Alot of slightly fat ones dont even talk to me why? maybe cause im part korean.i would date a slightly overweight one.im so desprate ill date guys and im disgusted by homosexuality.im so desprate ill date guys and im disgusted by homosexuality.
A: would you date a fat girl?
Guys:Do you expect a perfect bodyy shape on a girl?
Q: I was just wondering and what is perfect to You if You answer yes?if not.Plz explain to.I mean nobodys pefect butt i meannnlike a bigg buttt/hips tiny stomach and big boobs..etcor whats an a acceptable shapeorrr shape that You prefer
A: nahh personality is gobs more important; you can fake a body a long time, but a fake personality only lasts so long before it comes back to bite you in the ass...
What do you think the perfect body shape is for the opp. sex?
Q: I find that i like girls who are curvy. I like girls who have a handful size boobs, round butt and their stomach kinda sticking out a tiny bit - not flab or a muffin or anything, just rounded (guys are suppost to have the abs, girls curves).What do you like?
A: full-figured with thick, meaty legs, wide hips, a pudgy stomach, and big boobs (ideally, huge boobs)But this varies from guy to guy. Every guy has a different idea of the "perfect" body shape on a woman

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