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What is the perfect body measurements

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The ideal shape for a man is one where they seem to resemble an upside-down triangle, with broad shoulders and a solid chest and a smaller lower body. For men, having a good chest-to-waist ratio means that they are a lesser health risk than - MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-perfect-body-measurements ]
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What's the perfect body measurement for me?
People come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever looks good on you is what you should go for just as long as your healthy.
What are perfect body measurements for women
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How do you find your perfect individual body part measurements??
The answer will come as a shock to most. A big part is the simple use of a the tape measure. There have been tapes developed that help you to be more accurate when measuring ( Myotape ) but overall tape measuring is by far the best way to s...

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What are the "perfect body measurements"?
Q: Im not asking for body type or whatever I'm just talking about in general what is society's perfect measurement??
A: There arent any "perfect" measurements...some like them thick, others small, some short, some tall....its all personal preference.
What are the perfect body measurements for a woman?
Q: I mean--bust-waist-hip etc measusrements in relation to height,wrist measuremen or ankle measurement.I had read some chart long ago and can not recollect now.
A: most popular proportions for the ratio of a woman's waist to her hips are between 0.67 and 0.8. Women with these ratios are also seen as being humorous, healthy and intelligent .Those women whose waists are thicker are viewed as being faithful and kind, while women who are too thin are seen as aggressive and ambitious. There is no perfect body- but above is the most common perception of western society.
You know how people say 36-24-36 as perfect body measurements?
Q: Well how does that work for someone who is 4 feet 11 inches? What is the perfect body measurements for a girl this height?
A: 'Perfect' measurements are a myth. 36-24-36 was somebody's ideal at a point in time, but ideals change all the time. Your 'perfect' measurements are whatever they are when you're at a healthy weight and are toned--they're unique to you. And you're beautiful anyway!

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