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What is the most pounds a person ever weighed

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The worlds heaviest man weighed 1225 pounds. Any other questions, please text ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-pounds-a-person-ever-weighed ]
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How much would a 100-pound person weigh on Mars?
100 pounds. Your weight doesn't change, only the relationship with it to the local gravity. You would feel like you weighed only 38 pounds, but you would still weigh 100.
How much would someone weigh ath the Equator if the person weighe...?
Taking into account a combination of the oblate shape of the earth and the centripetal force at the equator, the gravitational acceleration is 9.78 m/s/s at the equator and 9.83 m/s/s at the poles, you weigh about 0.5% more at the poles tha...
What would a 100-pound person weigh on Mars?
The gravity on Mars is 38 percent of that found on Earth at sea level. So a 100-pound person on Earth would weigh 38 pounds on Mars. Based on NASA's present plans, it'll be decades before this assumption can be observationally proved, howev...

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Was there ever a human who weight 1000 pounds?
Q: me and my brother are in an argument, he says that the fattest person weight 800 poundsi say that there probably was a person who weighed 1000 poundscan someone help?
A: world record heaviest man was 100 stone called Jon Brower Minnochso 1400 lbs
if a person is genetically overweight can that person ever be thin?
Q: my friend says she can't get below 192 pounds because she says that it runs in her family to be overweight.she use to weigh more than that but she hasn't lost any weight in over a year now.but i think she can lose more if she makes a better effort.am i being to harsh on her?is it true some people can't get to a certain weight?
A: okay i'm sorry i hate to say this. but obesity has nothing to do with genetics. maybe she's fat because her parents feed and give her a lot of food, but its not genetics. so never blame it on genetics... sorry to break it 2 u!!!!!! but its true.
Can a medium framed person get down to 110-120 pounds?
Q: I have a medium frame (wrist is 6.5" according to all the measurement charts I looked at). I currently weigh 156 pounds and am 5'11". My goal is to get down to 110-120 by next March, preferably a 110. Would that be possible? (considering my body type is somewhat mesomorph)I know I wouldn't ever be able to look like the models but I'd like to at least look skinny.
A: Yeah if you are 5ft2, not if you are bloody 5ft11!You must have some kind of distorted body image if you think 110lb-120lb is ideal...jeez get some professional help.

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