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What is the heaviest weight a man has ever lifted

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On June 12th, 1957 Paul Anderson back lifted 6270 pounds. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-heaviest-weight-a-man-has-ever-lifted ]
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How can a man lift something heavier than his body weight??
The ability of the muscles to produce that much work combined with the muscular system and skeleton having enough strength to support it allows men to lift more than their bodyweight. Heck, back in the early 1900s, there was a guy named Art...
Why do men make funny noises when they lift heavy weights in the ...?
I think its OK to make a little noise - although sounding like a warthog is a little scary! I like to hiss - a quick 'psssstt' never did anyone any harm!

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Who's the strongest man that ever lived(Terms of strength,power,speed,etc...)? Why? What about Bruce Lee?
Q: Who's the strongest man that ever lived? Why? What about Bruce Lee? In terms of strength, how much was the heaviest weight ever lifted?
A: Bruce had strength, but as to physically strong (I mean, could he pull a bus), probably not
High School Beg. Weight Training class help?
Q: My beginner weight training class stinks. I had no other choice but to choose this class because I thought that this class would be the easiest to deal with, and boy...did I prove myself wrong! Football wouldn't be a good choice because I would have to deal with all the jocks on the team. I am only 5'8", so I am too short for basketball, and I am not good at it. Lacrosse is not my type, and I wasn't so sure about track. I can't run very well, but I think I should have chosen track instead. I cannot go to Weight training class one day without being picked on. First off, most of the kids in my class are bigger than I am. The kids my size has the ability to do more things than I can. The smallest people in the class have to be the girls. I feel I am the smallest man in the class. I have a mean coach too. I have an IEP, so my parents typed a letter to give to him and when I handed the letter to him, he said "Your hearing impaired HUH?" I said yes, and then he sighed and said "Let me know if you need help" and then he just walked away. The next day or two we were assigned locks for our gym lockers. In a basket, sat working locks and locks that were jammed or had the wrong combination. I had a lock with an invalid combination. I didn't hear the coach saying it was my turn, then he said from the top of his lungs, "TALK TO ME!" Then he asked me if my lock was working and I said "I guess not" then he told me, "Well go get another one knucklehead." That totally embarrassed me. The next week, we began lifting weights. I was bench-pressing and nobody offered to be my watch person, so I did it by myself. The weight barrel that I lifted got stuck on my head so this guy named Sam offered to help me put the weight back. When I got up I noticed that everybody in class, including coach, laughed at me. The next day, we spent our day in the gym instead of the weight room and these girls were picking on me. Heck, these are girls and I am not going to let them ruin my life. They were laughing at me because I was tying my shoe... How ridiculous is that? That was the last day I was ever going to talk to anybody in class except coach. I had enough disrespect. The main girl laughed at me for doing weight curls. She asked me if I was mad at her, and I didn't say a word. She trapped me from going anywhere else until I answered her. I got away with it. But when I walked away, they laughed at me. The girl is a couple inches taller than I am. When she has the nerve to say hello I ignore her. Then she shouts and asks, "why won't you say high boy?" Another embarrassing moment. Sam sides with everybody too because I even ignore him because he also laughs at me when I have an accident in gym. The girl thinks she is "all that!" She first off dresses in gym clothes not even the school colors and her shorts are like 3 inches long below her waist. She brings her MP3 player; which she is not supposed to do and walks around the gym like she is a model in a fashion show. She walked up to me like that and faced her butt towards my face and walks away, then comes back. I said to her, "You think you are All That don't you?" and she didn't hear me because of her mp3 player. Is that the right thing to say to her and should I say that again the next time? Is it okay for me to ignore everyone except coach in class? Classmates can lift weight barrels up to 125 lbs. I plan to do push ups, running, lifting heavier curls... but what should I do to help myself in this class? Please help me. Thank you.
A: woah dude, first of all take a breather. You should want to lift weights not for anyone else but yourself. and the thing about sports is that you can improve, if you started at a small weight you get better as the semester goes on. Dont let anyone bother you but you should try to get on their good side, it doesnt help having enemies. Just set goals in your head for lifting and concentrate on getting it. As you become stronger the laughter will stop and youl feel better about yourself. Also dont worry about the girl, from what i read i sensed a little connection, anyway just do your best and forget the rest.
Will someone tell me if this recession is ever going to end?
Q: Does anyone have a crystal ball? If you do, can you tell me when the recession will end?I have realized (while on medical leave) that I really, really, really, really, really, don't want to go back to my old job. I hate change, but I've realized it is time to move on. I've done a lot of soul searching and I just feel it is the right time.If I found a new job I would most likely get a paycut. But it would be okay if the economyeventually improves. That way I will have more doors open for me.I'm not that picky about where I want to work. I'm thinking retail. However, I need full-time work (32 hours or more, 40 would be awesome) and the promise of health insurance. Also, I don't want to move heavy shit around. Do I look like I lift weights, for Christ's sake? Get a man or a bulldyke to do it.But what if the economy doesn't improve? Then I'm a total dumb fuck for having left my original job with higher pay!Oh, man...I can't help but think of chix0r right now. I thought what she was doing was very risky. But she did find a new job. I'm not sure if she regrets leaving. I would love to hear an update.I don't have a college degree. But...*I'm a high school graduate.*I can read and write much better than my peers.*I speak a little Spanish.*I type 60 words a minute.*I'm very good at public speaking.*I was awarded "Best Overall Writer" for my school newspaper senior year. (Should I include that? It was ten years ago. I don't know...)*I'm a published poet. (They publish almost everybody, but still...)*I've worked for the same well-respected company for the past eight years.*I completed 40 hours of credited culinary school.*I worked for a thrift store for several months.*I have volunteered at my mother's preschool. I am very good with kids.And lastly, I'm not the smartest person in the world, but I'm not a complete fucking retard, and that should count for something.Thoughts?
A: breathe...just breathe... these type of times have hit us before (us = those b4 us) and it got better.do what you need to do to survive even if it's lowering your standards of employment.things are getting better.breathe.

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