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What is the best way to strengthen my punch

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The best way to strengthen your punch is to do weightlifting and lots of training with a heavy bag. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-way-to-strengthen-my-punch ]
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What is the best way to punch?
the best way to punch is with a closed fist. You should have asked what the best way to strike someone in the skull was. That's really you're question, and there are a bunch of different answers. You'd find a closed fist punch at the bottom...
What’s the best way to throw a punch?
Put your hand by your hip, clenched, fingers up. Snap it forward and back as quickly as you can, rotating your hand so that the back of your hand is up as you strike and then back down as you return to your starting postion. Focus your blow...
Is balance a key factor in your punching power? What is the best ...?
Hey Nikash, I suppose balance would be important for punching power, but I wouldn't consider it a ...

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ima boxer lookin for new way to strengthen my punch?
A: Your power comes from your legs, pushing off of the ground. You can not get power with an arm shot. Work on your balance and timing. Timing the opponent so you are using his weight against him allows you to use speed and his power to knock him out. Shadow boxing, working the bags is the way to improve your speed and timing. Your stance and balance is most important, if you are not grounded you will not have any force.
How to strengthen your punch?
Q: I'm small even though I'm 13 and I'm 146 cm tall. I have a strong punch and in my school( i live in singapore) and I'm the shortest and youngest grade in school.Wondering if i do get bullied and fed up with people, how do I improve and strengthen my punch? I LOVE to work out ,my body is like iron and learnt Wushu (chinese martial arts) though.Very agilitic and fast moving and Im super fit
A: this is from another one i answered just to lazy to retype itif ur looking for power then lift heavy in all the power lifts (dead lifting, squating and benching) a few times a week and concentrate on lifting heavier weight for overall strenth and everyday run/sprint and work on basic bodyweight exercises (pushups, pullups, dips and cruches/situps) and make sure u do clap pushups for explosiveness and plus knuckle pushups on hard surfaces to harden and toughen up ur knuckles and shodow box as fast as u can without sacrificing technique but make sure u dont be lazy on your legs they should always be stronger then ur upper body and u will have better balance with strong legs. if u do all these things and get good and strong with them u should be stronger faster and more powerful.well there u go and dont worry lifting heavy as in 6 reps and under wont mess up ur speed like alot of people try to say. oh and dont forget the heavy bag
What little things can I do to strengthen my fists to punch harder that would do damage to someone?
Q: Including when I'm around inside the house? I do knuckle push up sometimes,have a punching dummy, and have one of those squeezing balls too that are suppose to strengthen the hands.I don't have any weights with me, I only sometimes get a chance to use them when i go the gym, and I don't have tape to cover my hands with yet,just training gloves.
A: the knuckle push ups are good, you can also shadowbox with some light weights to make your punches faster, try to just go hand over hand for 3 minutes, followed by uppercuts, then do handover hand again but punch kind of over your head at an angle.most of your power in boxing/punching though comes from your legs/hips.

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