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What is the best eye vision possible

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It is generally felt that the maximum visual acuity of the eye is around 20/15 or 20/16. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-eye-vision-possible ]
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What is the best score for an eye vision test?
The best score for an eye vision test is 20/20, which states pretty much that you have perfect vision.
Which opticians? Which opticians are best for eye tests? (UK only...?
I'm an Optometrist and I am very proud to work for Vision Express. I would not work for anyone else! An eye examination should include detailed questions about your eyes, vision, general health and lifestyle. It should be followed by a thor...
Is 15/15 eye vision better than 20/20?
If the chart was calibrated for 15 feet...you will get the 15/15, meaning you see at 15 feet what a normal eye shoud see at 15 feet. If it was calibrated for 20 feet you get 20/20...you see at 20 feet what a normal eye should see at 20 feet...

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is 20/10 vision the best eye vision possible?
Q: i have 20/10 vision. is there people with better eye vision than 20/10? just curious. thanks a lot
A: thats weird never heard of that.i think its just 20/20 vision.i dont know anything about that though.
Is it possible for your eye vision to change over night?
Q: Im 16 years old. I woke up this morning at 5ish and tried to open my right eye and it was really hard to because it kept tearing. It turned a little red and its really sensitive and it used to sting a little. Its better now, but i realized that my vision changed. My far sighted vision seemed to improve but my near sighted vision weakened. Im going to the doctors soon but i would like some advice before i go. Thanks :D
A: Yes I think it is. When I first wake up in the morning my right eye gets kinda blurry but tehn changes back.
Is 13/20 Eye Vision possible?
Q: My friend was trying to tell me that she has 13/20 vision, which is supposedly better than 20/20 vision. But I always thought that vision was measured in intervals of 5. So basically, is 13/20 possible?
A: No...she has her numbers confused... 13/20 would be fairly bad.She probably means 20/13....in which case, would be very good.Missing a few letters on the 20/10 line could bring her half way between the 20/10 and 20/15 lines.

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