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What is overweight for a 14 year old male

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There is really no "'correct" weight to be. It depends on your height and body size to be overweight or not. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-overweight-for-a-14-year-old-male ]
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I am a 14 year old male and weigh 255- am I overweight??
Yes, you're overweight. If you want to know if you're overweight or not, you should calculate you body mass index, bmi, which is used to measure how obese you are. Just multiply 703 to your weight in pounds, and then divide the product by t...
Am I overweight? 5 feet 7 inches, 14 years old, 143 pounds, male....?
The phrase overweight spells out varying things to varying individuals. It's a good idea to set off at the beginning, and establish if you are really overweight for your size or not, by computing your BMI (Body Mass Index). To be honest, th...
What type of workout should a overweight 19 year old male perform...?
Eating healthy is the primary step. Consume more fruits and vegetables and substitute your red meat intake with chicken and fish. Refrain from eating junk food as much as possible as well as stay away from sodas (far too much sugar). Substi...

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Am i overweight for a 14 year old male?
Q: I'm 14 and im 6,1 and about 195lbs, but im not in bad shape, i run the 200m in 28sec and the 100 in like 12.8. and i weight train and play sports, im just... huge. However, am i overweight to where it might be unhealthy?
A: You are not overweight, you are buff. It doesn't matter how much you weigh as long as you don't have too much fat that renders your abilities and as long as you have enough muscle and a healthy immune system. You probably look great.
I'm 5'4 130 pounds, 14 year old male, am I overweight?
Q: Honestly.
A: You have a 22.3 BMI (Body mass index) which is a good indication that your weight is fine.Edit:As a comparison, a boy with a height of 5' 3 and weight 99 lbs has a BMI of 17.5. This is a good indication that he is underweight.
is this a good weight for a 5foot 10 14 year old male about 177 pounds or do you think im overweight?
Q: and it mostly fat i want to get some muscle any good workout routines to get stronger please tell mefuck you dixie you dont even know what i look like you bitch
A: yes, you're overweight. and it's terrible for a 14-year-old like you to be like that (i hope that it may not offend you). but at least you're not too obese. brisk walking and workouts are great for your age.to tell you honestly, workout routines start with the basics. so have a jog every morning, eat a lot of protein (like lean meat) and it helps a lot in building muscle. if you can swim, swim a mile every other day. sit-ups, push-ups may be hard for you at first: but you might make it a try. and if your body gets used to it, then continue it!wishing you the best of luck!

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