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What is in meth that makes you lose weight

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There's no special magic weight-loss ingredient in methamphetamine. It makes addicts anorexic. (And their teeth rot out, too.) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-in-meth-that-makes-you-lose-weight ]
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Does meth make you lose weight? How fast does it take you to lose...?
Meth makes your body eat itself. It destroys all of the cartilage in your body. You can lose PLENTY of weight on meth but be very reassured that when you stop using the drug you will not only gain BACK what you lost but also extra lbs with ...
Does Crystal Meth really make a person lose weight??
This news item expired on 7/31/2008, so the information below could be outdated or incorrect. Propane Cylinders & Crystal Meth - Safety Alert Check your propane tank - it could be dangerous! The National Propane Gas Association has foun...

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I heard meth makes you lose weight real fast?
Q: my neighbor says he used meth about a year ago and that he lost large amounts of weight in about a week. he says he just began using meth last Monday and that he has not seen any weight being lost. what exactly is it that makes you lose weight with meth? How long would it take? Im doing my best to convince him to leave those bad habits before its too late. any help? i mean i KNOW what meth is, how it messes up a human body. thanks(:
A: Meth users lose weight because they don't eat. starving yourself will make you lose weight but it will also make you gain weight. And most meth addicts need rehab to quit. Its one of those drugs that cannot be used recreationally. The use will just get worse over time. Good Luck with your friend.
Does Crystal Meth really make a person lose weight?
Q: I'm taking this Alli stuff, I want to drop 7 lbs, but I heard from a friend that Crystal Meth is a easy way to lose weight. Alli has some bad side effects, and I'm not showing any weight lose with it. How fast would I drop 7 lbs doing Crystal Meth? Is there a bad interaction between Crystal Meth and Prozac? How do you take Crystal Meth?
A: It will make you lose weight7 lbs in 7 week if you are carefulYou will be addicted!!It is illegal, and any impurity can kill youMixing it with prozac will ruin the effects of the prozac - if you are on prozac you are depressed - do not play games with chemicals that affect your brain chemistry!
Does it really matter how you lose weight?
Q: If someone is on the verge of diabetes and the doc tells them to lose weight, does it matter how they lose weight? Could vomiting help you not get diabetes? I know it causes other problems but besides them, it makes you lose weight and absorb less calories. What about doing diet pills or meth? The person would still be excercising and dieting, they are just getting a boost on losing the pounds. What do you think?Gastric bypass, I wish. I'm not heavy enough for it.
A: Look into gastric by-pass, there is a new study that not only does it aid in losing weight, but the rerouting of the digestive tract changes the way the body absorbs sugars, in some cases, type II diabetes is gone with in the first week. If you have insurance, it may be covered because of the diabetes complication.

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