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What is a good weight for a 41 year old woman

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A female who is 5 ft 3 in should weigh between 111 to 147 pounds based on her body's frame size. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-weight-for-a-41-year-old-woman ]
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What is the average weight of a 41-year-old woman?
There is no 'average' weight for a 41-year-old woman. Weight is related to height and body composition. What counts more than your body weight is your percentage of body fat . For more information about this, see the page link, further down...

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I'm a 41 yr. old woman who weighs.....?
Q: 205lbs and I'm 5'2 and I'm looking for expert advice on how to get off this roller coaster of bad eating habits and more weight gain over the last few years. Its seems I keep gaining more and more weight despite walking the park with my sister and cutting down my intake of food, I don't know whats wrong with me, my sister has lost weight and I'm the one gaining it. Can someone give me a step by step on what to eat, something really simple I can follow, I have plenty of exercise dvds and machines at home so if someone can help me with this I really would be greatful!!! PLEASE!!! I'm feeling quite down right now.If you're going to add a simple food plan just wanted to let you know I don't like cottage cheese, please pick a substiute! and Thank you all for such great advice that I've been getting! keep it coming!
A: i can help here well here's the thing walking in the park good there's some extra exercise but are u staying active all day? are u going home after ur walk and just sitting down in front of the tv? no dont do that...if u wanna watch tv get up and do 100 jumping jacks during commercials next commercial lunges or w/e stay active walking movingdo those exercise dvds if u like do some form of cardio 45mins everyday if possible 6x a week i strongly recommendweight lift i strongly recommend 2-3x a week upper and lower body feel the burn in 45min-1hr sessionseating noweat 6-7small meals a day so u dont craveset it up so u eat 2000cals a day for someone ur size that's a good way to start ur diet...considering ur working out welll...dont go under 1800 either not until u drop alot of weightnow meal 1(6am): Biggest meal of the day breakfast this is a MUST400cals in this mealhigh protien high carb low fati suggest oats (1/2c) w/ 1c berries in iton the side 1cup of egg beaters and a 8oz glass of skim milktotals up to 400cals great and nutritioussnack(930am) 300cals have a pure protien bar if u would buy one if not have a cup of cottage cheese something high in protein low carb low fatlunch 1200pm 350cals 4oz turkey sandwich on wheat bread and mustard or pickles something w/ no fat and have a piece of fruit anything but a bananasnack 300pm 200cal snack same as other or crackers and hummus u need some protein w/ every meal at least 8g keep that in mind a glass of skim milk and a apple make a great snackdinner 530pm have 4oz of a lean meat(chicken steak any seafood or fish turkey breast w/e u like just avoid pork ribs and fatty ones) w/ a side of veges (2c steamed greens or carrots) and some carbs brown rice or a sweet potatoe(these are the BEST food for u as carbs)snack 830pm 300cals the cottage cheese here i highly recommend w/ 1oz peanuts or almonds this is your last meal sleep in 2hrs and ur good for the day
white woman / Japanese guy / Black baby and white baby, is this marriage doomed?
Q: My older brother 29 is getting married to a white woman 41 years old.Over weight and has two children. One black baby, one white baby (don't know who fathered her second child)My brother 6'2" Japanese guy had a one night stand with her (yeah, how stupid!!!), and she claimed she's pregnant. Now, as hardcore Japanese as my brother, he decided to quote end quote taking responsibilities of his action by marrying her.First of all, my bro makes good money, and she's the typical Jerry Springer guest, I don't think she deserves my brother, period. My brother should pay for his one night stupidity, I agree, but should he at least get a DNA test? I love my brother to death, but I think she is taking advantage of my brother!!! I post another question regarding this, feel free to check it out. Thank you
A: What does he see in her? You have to help him get out of this. It isn't the Black kid and White kid's fault that their mom is a nutbag, but it sounds like too much drama for your brother.
What should my weight be?
Q: I am a 41 year old woman and I've been gaining weight lately. I am 5'6" and I weigh 146lbs.To me this is too much weight. I used to always be thin. Everybody in my family is thin. To the point that we would try to do anything we can to gain weight.When I was too thin, I always wanted to gain weight but now that I am, I don't like it :(I was always right around 103lbs.So this weight now seems like too much.I can't exercise...I've been trying to but because of my health problems I am very limited. And since I've been trying to just walk, I had to spend 2 days in bed.I'm really not eating too much, the same as always.I just don't like this weight.I know I was too thin...and didn't like that either.But am I too fat now?My hubby doesn't say anything either way.He says he likes me with a little more weight on rather than me being so thin before.But not sure if this is too much weight.Becareful what you wish for, you just might get it!!!
A: i am 5'4 and weigh 145 lbs if i could grow 2 more inches i would be perfect..... but that is for my body build if you have a very slim skelatal structure then you may want to trim off a few pounds if you have broad shoulders and hips the 146 sounds about right but remember your health if walking is stress on your body because of medical conditions dont over work yourself or not eat properly eat things that are nutricious and try some yoga some thing very low impact that has a relaxing effect on the bodyalso if youare taking medications for anyhting those could be making you put on weight as a side effectand im sure its not what you want to hear but you could be going through "the change" my mother is in denial but she is gaining weight as a result of menopauseconsult your doctor he/she will be able to tell you if your weight is right for your height and build and whether or not you should consider losing or gaining because of your healthand tell hubby to speak up when you ask an important question like "am i fat?" his opinion matters! :-)

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