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What is a good exercise besides crunches or sit ups so get good abs

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Try buying a swiss ball-these help your muscles through a full range of motion. Also vary your routine-swimming, running, etc. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-exercise-besides-crunches-or-sit-ups-so-get-good-abs ]
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What are some good abs exercises OTHER than sit ups crunches ets??
Hello, I agree that spot-toning your stomach muscles only does not work. You should go for an overall diet and exercise plan that will help you also gain energy and lose more fat around the stomach. Anyway, some stomach muscles that are oft...
Which is a better ab workout, crunches or sit ups?
Crunches target the abdominals more and have replaced situps as a superior abdominal exercise. The problem with situps is that they recruit other muscle groups too much, such as hip flexors, quads and even erector spinae (back) muscles, so ...

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whats a good exercise to get abs? besides crunches and sit-ups?
A: There's a couple of levels to this; for your "front" abs, crunches and sit ups are a good base, but it's really important to also do exercises that isolate your "oblique" abs. There the muscles on either side of your six-pack. A crunch-twist will work your obliques, and a side crunch works well also. A crunch-twist is exactly that; do a standard crunch, then twist to one side, squeezing your rib cage towards your hip bone. A side crunch is a crunch from your side. Lay on your side with your hands behind your head, and lift your torso straight up towards your hip. Also bicycles are great too. on your back, both legs in the air at a 90 degree angle, and lower one leg towards the floor. With your hands behind your head, lift the same elbow towards the other knee. Then do the other side. The works your lower abs as well. but my favorite abs exercise are planks. From your stomach, lift your arms straight up like you have done a single push-up. Hold that position with your body perfectly straight. This is a great abs workout, and ot also works out your shoulders and arms.
Anyone know any exercises (besides crunches or sit-ups) to get post-pregnancy abs back in shape?
Q: I got a huge belly during my pregnancy thanks to a large baby and pre-eclampsia. So my ab muscles are really flabby and ugly. I absolutely detest sit-ups and crunches, and want to avoid them if possible. Does anyone have any ideas for some fun excercises I could do to get my abs back in shape? Or at least some ideas that AREN'T sit-ups or crunches??I am dieting right now. I still have about 10 - 15 lbs to lose to get back to the weight I was before the baby. But I'm hoping to find some form of excersice I can do WHILE I lose weight that will help strengthen my abs. Thx gomer for the running idea. I didn't know it would strengthen abs as well as help me lose the last few pounds. It's a really good idea. :D
A: Running actually works your abs along with alot of other things. Long runs at a slow pace will burn fat well.
What are the best exercises to get a six pack and improve your abs besides crunches and sit ups???
A: I do a lot of swimming, ab work and exercise. the abs are there (can feel them) but they are hidden behind a layer of body fat.As the dude above said... you really have to diet. I read somewhere you need as low as 12% body fat before you can see them.

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