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What does walking do to help your legs

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Walking more so benefits the entire body as opposed to just the legs. Your breathing and blood flow keep you in good shape. Thanks for asking ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-walking-do-to-help-your-legs ]
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Will walking 1 mile everyday help your legs get thinner??
It depends, if you walk lots (LIKE A LOT) and you have flabby legs then it will develop muscles and thus, tighten the skin on your leg. For ankles, to excersize them, do sets of standing on your tippy toes then feet flat on the ground. Thos...
Will walking daily help me tone up my legs?
Walking is one of the best exercises you can do and yes it does tone your lower body very nicely. I recommend swimming too if you can do that with your asthma, its great at toning your entire body.
Why would exercising help if I get pain in my legs when I walk??
Exercise (walking ) programs as a treatment for lower extremity claudication have been recommended for over 40 years. All studies of exercise programs in patients with peripheral vascular disease have reported an increase in exercise perfor...

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What does it mean if when you are walking on a treadmill your legs start to itch?
Q: I have had this happen before that when I am walking for awhile and consistently that my legs will begin to itch. I thought it meant that I was working the muscles but nobody else I asked seems to have experienced this sensation.
A: I have had this. I think it's because the muscle is having tiny tares in it, and the blood is rushing to the muscle to repair it and grow more muscle. Scientists believe this is how new muscle tissue is formed. It's completely normal. You are growing more muscle and that is very good for your bone strength and density.
Does walking on your toes help tone legs?
Q: I've been walking on my toes since I was able to walk. I'm 16 now, and I don't see much problem with it. My legs are pretty toned- but I was wondering if it helped?Does it cause health problems later in life?
A: walk on your feet,why toes??
What does it mean when your walking or jogging , a numb stinging pain is in both ankle areas of my legs?
Q: I've been walking and jogging for three weeks now 2 to 3 miles for 5 days a week. I am 239lbs and I stretch correctly before I start but today I had sharp pains in both lower shin areas basically in my ankles. When I thought I couldn't go on, I finished that mile and sat for a minute. After a few minutes of resting, I decided to go for mile 2, but about 50 ft from starting point, my feet went numb and sharp stinging throbs at the same time started in the same areas. I decided to slow down to a normal walking pace, but when I did my feet went cold! I walked another mile after that to try to work out the pain. What does this mean? Do I need new shoes or maybe my weight is taking a toll on my legs. What do you think?
A: Sounds like Inflammation. Take it easy, do low-impact exercise. your very heavy to be running. I weigh about 170 & get shin-splints if I run more than a few times a week ( at age 22 ) 5 days a week is also too much, Try 3, leave at least 1 day for rest between each run, ( I suggest 2-3 for your weight )You can seriously injure yourself if you continue running on shins/ankles that feel that way. Pain is the bodys way of telling you something is very very wrong..For mild inflammation, Try ibuprofen, it sounds though, like your just working out way too much/hard. It takes months & years to build a connective tissue foundation to run distance comfortably.Also, make sure your landing on your Heel & rolling to your toe, don't just "Land" Plop! with your whole foot.Run Heel-toe, & Take it easy, good luck with your fitness goals.

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