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What does a physical consist of

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The Dr. will check you weight, height, your ears, eyes, throat, blood pressure, pulse, screening questions & possibly a urine test [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-a-physical-consist-of ]
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It usually depends on your age, but most commonly you will have your height and weight checked, along with blood pressure and heartbeat. Then they will make sure you're up to date on all immunizations, check reflexes (hit your knee with tha...
nothing to worry about you can expect to have your measurements done, weight, height, check ears, eyes, throat, he will listen to your heart take your bp(blood pressure) pulse ask you questions and maybe do urine test and thats about it. if...
Teams that want to make a trade can also waive the physical, which may have been the case with the Suns last year when they traded for Shaq. I don't know if that's what happened, but that's a possibility. Physicals are pretty much standard ...

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What does a physical consist of for a 23 year old male?
Q: My boyfriend has to get a physical done tomorrow for work. He's starting a new job and it requires this. He wants to know if they are going to grab his junk and pretty much anything else he can expect. He has never had to get one of these done. Thanks for your answers!
A: Doctor will check everything. The doctor will roll his fingers through his balls......to make sure there are no lumps....and will make sure everything is developing right. Doctor will hold his balls, and make him turn his head to right, and then make him cough, then turn his head left, and cough. Questions? Nastpeh@yahoo.com
What does a physical consist of for a 13 year old girl?
Q: I have had a physical before but I kinda forgot what they do and now I am very nervous because I don't like people touching me. :p.
A: It depends on what type of physical you are getting and the type of doctor. Most young ladies your age have their first gynecological exam. Talk to your mother and tell the doctor you are nervous, and he/she will explain everything before they do anything. Good luck.
What does a physical consist of for a teenager?
Q: What do doctors check for during a physical?I'm a girl, and I've never had one before, but might go have one. I was just curious as to what they do. I've heard some doctors check ''down there'' and others don't. I wanted to know for sure whether they do or not, or if it depends on the doctor.
A: Eyesight, hearing, scoliosis (curvature of the spine), weight, lungs, perhaps a full blood test.

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