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What do jumping jacks do for your body

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Jumping jacks carries oxygen to your lungs, enables better blood flow, improves your mood, and tones muscles! ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-do-jumping-jacks-do-for-your-body ]
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What do Jumping Jacks Do For Your Body?
Think about the body parts you are utilizing while executing jumping jacks - your arms and legs in particular. In addition, jumping jacks are a form of aerobics, so if done properly, you are achieving a workout for your whole body. Jumping ...
How many calories does 100 jumping jacks burn?
Here's an estimate of how many calories you burn (at 180lbs) within a certain time limit, if you do the jumping jacks consistently 1 min - 11 calories 5 min - 57 calories 10min - 115 calories 20min - 229 calories 30min - 344 calories
What Does Jumping Jacks Do For Your Body?
Doing jumping jacks with tighten all extremities of the body as well as highly increase the circulation as well. It's an excellent form of exercise if you want to stay toned and in shape.

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What part of your body does jumping jacks target?
Q: What part of your body is it good for?
A: All parts.Cardio-vascular system, because it gets your heart rate up.Stretches muscles in the legs, back, arms, torso, and neck.It does not actually "target" any one group or area, if that helps. It is a general warm-up exercise.
What part of your body does jumping jacks help you get in shape?
Q: I would also like to know about bicycling is it about the same as jumping jacks just a cardio workout or does it help. If you would tell me what you have done workout wise to lose your belly fat.
A: Your heart... It's a good Cardio workout not a strenghtening work out! Jump away!! :)
What does jumping jacks workout in your body?
Q: How much better is jogging than jumping jacks?How much jumping jack I have to do to match a mile of jogging?
A: jumping jacks, jogging and jumping rope are all among the most vigorous of exercises you can do, and they all involve all muscles of the muscles in the body in an aerobic manner. this increases the endurance of the muscles.to workout all of your muscles in an anaerobic manner, you must incorporate weight training working all the major muscle groups. doing this will increase the strength, size and/or tone of the muscles. (jumping jacks won't do these)when planning a weight training program, be sure to work ALL of your 5 major muscle groups (core, shoulders, chest, back and legs.shoulders (upright rows, arnold presses, front raises, side raises, reverse flyes), chest (flat, decline and incline bench press, push-ups, cable crossovers, scoops), back (t-bar rows, bent db rows, seated rows, pull-downs, pull-ups), core (omg there are so many examples!) legs (squats, sumo squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg presses). do not focus on just one part of the body, as many people tend to do (women tend to focus only on legs, men = chest & biceps)note: when you do chest (push) exercises you are also working your triceps. when you do back (pull) exercises you are also working your biceps.

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