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Is there such thing as being big boned

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There are 3 sizes of bone structure. Small, Medium and Large. This is what is considered to be your frame size. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-there-such-thing-as-being-big-boned ]
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Is there such thing as being big boned ?
Yes and no. There are fat people out there that like to say such things to take the blame off of themselves for appearing fat. At the same time, bones do not come in one size fits all. There are people who have a smaller bone frame, have a ...
Is there Such Thing as "Big Boned?
In short, no. All bones weigh the same regardless of size. I like to counter the question you asked with this one: have you ever seen a fat skeleton? That may sound silly, but you cannot discern the weight of a person from his skeleton a...
Is there such thing as "big - boned" people??
No, Everyones bones are the same size. Now they can be set further apart than normal. Such as when someone has wide set shoulders, wide hips, etc. Their bones arent bigger they are just set further apart.

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