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Is it ok to work out when your muscles are sore

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It is fine to work out. Delayed onset muscle soreness is common after exercise & usually means your muscles are getting stronger. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-ok-to-work-out-when-your-muscles-are-sore ]
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Is it ok to work out at the gym with sore muscles?
This really depends on the situation. If you have worked a body part the day before, you should never work it again the next day, otherwise it does not get the chance to heal. Another example may be your legs. Say if you did leg presses one...
Is it ok to massage sore muscles from working out??
Stretching is an essential component of muscle building. Remedial massage is also very useful.

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Is it ok to work out when your muscles are sore from a previous work out? I've heard both yes, and no.?
A: Yes and no. First let me explain a little of the science behind lifting. When you work out, you are tearing the muscle tissue apart. This stimulates the muscle to heal and grow back stronger because to compensate for the new stimulus you introduced(working out). A key part of working out is recovery time. Your body does need time to recover and give your muscles time to grow. I tend to work out 4-5 days a week, leaving my body 2-3 days of recovery. Split up your muscle groups into separate days too. I do chest and arms(forearm, biceps, triceps) one day, legs another, and back and deltoids(shoulder) another. These lifting days are broken up by the recovery days I built into my schedule.So, yes, it is perfectly ok to work out with sore muscles, just don't overwork yourself-recovery days are just as important as the time you spend in the gym!
is it ok to work out sore muscles?
Q: I have recently started working out again and i am really sore in certian muscle groups, is it still ok to work out? Just cardio maybe?
A: there are two kinds of muscle soreness; acute muscle soreness (AMS) which is when you are lifting and your muscles become sore after only a couple reps. This is BAD. if you are already sore don't assume it is acute muscle soreness. the other kind of soreness is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). This soreness is GOOD, it means that you have torn some muscle fibers and your body is working to replace them with newer and stronger fibers. DOMS usually begins between 1-2 days of starting a new workout. Work through DOMS and eventually you will no longer become sore (1-2 weeks). Make sure you stretch well before your next workout and make sure to rest muscle groups for a day between workouts. Mon & Thu upperbody, Tue & Fri lower body, Wed core or cardio. Proper rest is also key to building muscle and reducing soreness. Dont try to cram your entire workout into a single day.
should i work out when my muscles are sore? is it better to work out when they are sore or worse?
Q: i worked out really really hard yesterday for the first time in a while. my muscles are very sore. is it ok to work out when they are sore? is there a difference besides just pain from the soreness? or is there no difference in muscle growth at all? does it help you out? or is it bad to do this?also someone told me that when you work out, if your muscles arent sore the next day, you didnt work out hard enough to get a good rate of muscle growth. any truth to this?
A: Its not a good idea to work the same muscles everyday, exercise another set of muscles. Your muscles need time to recover and grow. Your muscles grow not when you are working out but when you are at rest. Since this is your first time back after a long time off take it easy with your workouts until your body gets use to this type of exercise.

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