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Is it healthy to work out twice a day

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While I'm all for more activity and less sitting around all day, I think we should first start with exercising 5 times per week MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-healthy-to-work-out-twice-a-day ]
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Is working out twice a day bad for my health?
You're young and can easily handle the exercise. Your body likes it. If it complains, give it a rest for a day but go back at it on your schedule. You are not pushing yourself too hard. What is bad for your health is gazing at this computer...
Is it ok to work out twice a day?
My best advice would be if your going to do a split is to do alternating body parts instead of working same part twice. Also if your first half was a warm up does that mean your second half had no warm up? That can lead to injury if your...
Should i work out twice a day?
Im well aware that i grow when im outside of the gym, thats why im going to do this 3 days on, FOUR days off. Those 4 days will give me plenty of rest dont you think? And besides, i dont think there is anyway i can effectively work out 2...

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is it healthy to work out twice in a day?
Q: is it healthy to work out twice a day, doing cardiovascular aerobics and stuff? i do it everyday of the month, eat healthy, and im going ot start twice a day on weekends and half days from skool...is it a wise choice? and is it healthy?
A: That depends. You have to make very sure that you are eating and drinking enough clories, that means getting enough vitamins, minerals, good fats like omega 3 and enough water with electrolytes like potassium and calcium and such in it. this is important to keep the muscles hydrated and replenished with the fuel they need while you are putting them through this workout. It is a vital part of being healthy. Try the nutrition Express website and order their catalog. It will explain a lot to you about nourishing and fueling yourself while working out. Anything to an extreme can cause you probnlems. Like joint wear and tear, some of your routine may be best if it were yoga or some kinf of martial arts where the joints aren't abused. They found that jogging and aerobics can cause strain and pain over time on your knees, ankels and other body parts. so, you need to consider this too. While you are young it won't bother you if it is done right but as we age these things have an effect on us. Also, make sure you warm up and down with each session. It will keep you from injuring yourself as easily as if you don't. Be a good steward of your body, read, educate yourself and then make an informed decision about what is good for you in the long run, only you can make that decision. Right? Good luck.
I'm 13 and I am 94 lbs and am 5'4 and am a vegetarian and work out twice a day ami healthy?
A: im 13 male 122 pounds 5'8 meat eater work out once day for 3 hours my coach and parents consider me strongest and heakthiest kid on football team i play quarter back
I am on antibiotic should I take healthy colon twice a day?
Q: I am 50 yrs old. I've been on antibiotic for tooth infection for 3 days. II've been taking one healthy colon a day. should I take two a day since antibiotic kills the good and bad bacteria?
A: Wait until you are finished with your cycle of antibiotics, since as you mentioned it is so strong that it kills all flora, both good and bad. One or two of the Healthy Colon, no matter, it's just a waste until the antibiotic cycle is finished. The day after you finish, start taking the Healthy Colon (and-or probiotics, from the natural food store) and eating lots of yogurt to replenish your healthy flora. And I hope that tooth is better soon. :)

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