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If you are 5 feet 1 inch tall how much should you weigh

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A person who is 5'1 in height should have a weight between 106-140 pounds (female) and 128-150 pounds (male). Ask away! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-5-feet-1-inch-tall-how-much-should-you-weigh ]
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How Much Should A 12 Year Old Girl That Is 5 Feet And 1 Inch Tall...?
No i am 12 and 5 feet tall and one in and i weigh 95 at night and 92 in the morning and i think i am over weight
How much should a person who is 5 feet 1.5 inches tall weigh??
It depends on their age, sex, build and other things. The more important thing is fat content. Just keep in a regular habit of aerobic exercise, and eat healthy. Then after a year weigh yourself and thats how much you should weigh(probably)...

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how much over weight am i i am 5 feet 1 inch tall and weigh 90 punds?
A: I don't believe you are!! My mom was 90 pounds when she was younger in her early 20s before she got pregnant of me...but she was 4'11!!! You sound just about right for your height...my mother was TINY.
How do I gain weight? I'm 18 years old, 5 feet 1 inch tall, and weigh 36 kgs!?
Q: Well as you can see, my stats and my weight, are a total disaster! i've always been underweight, i lose weight very easily, I don't even have to try to do it! But I find it near impossible to gain weight - I've been 36 kgs for the past 3 years now....and the only direction the scales seem to go is down! Not to mention I look like a little kid....my bust stopped growing years ago, and I get teased all the time. Please help! I need to know about any diet plans I should adopt to gain weight fast. I don't exercise, and I have no medical problems except for mild gas. Please tell me how to gain weight and also a more womanly figure instead of the twiggy I am today.....I also have a very hectic schedule, which makes regular trips to the gymn just about impossible...
A: generally to gain weight you need your calorie intake to be 500 cal more then usual. Normal intake should be 1500 so 2000 to add, but since your metabolism is so high, from what i hear i am guessing you will need at least 3000+. it is easy to overeat with things like doghnuts, milk, BREAD! perhaps a lot of protein, my brother uses protein shakes to gain weight. the health food shop sometimes has high calorie bar you could have. I am sure if you went to the doctor with those stats he would prescribe you something to slow your metabolism down. But i am not sure high fat foods would be totally great since they are very unhealthy. But the main foods that keep body fat up is bread and carbohydrates. Are you a nervous person? being anxious or stressed burns loads of calories, a lady i know keeps loosing weight due to that. hope that helps a bitx x x x x
how much should a person 5 foot 1 inch weigh?
Q: I've been around 5 feet tall and a few inches since maybe 16 (not sure when girls stop growing) years old? I'am now 42ish and 176 lbs obese according to BMI index. Never thought of it that way just thought I was fat or overweight at the very least. The lightest I've weighed is around 150 lbs. That was when I was 36 years old.
A: 95 to 113 lbs.

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