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How to lose weight for 11 & 12 year olds

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The best way for a 11 or 12 year old to lose weight safely is to eat right and exercise everyday. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-lose-weight-for-11-%26-12-year-olds ]
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How to lose weight at 11?
Stop eating junk food, because that's what's causing you to gain unhealthy weight. If you don't like eating vegetables then you have to get used to them or you may have a healthy vegetable or juice. You might have a hard time quitting, but ...
How do you lose weight in your legs?
I’d prefer to actually lose weight/slim my legs because toning them wouldn’t help my disproportionate figure. Also, I want to actually EXERCISE, not try pills or strange diets. Caffeinated Content Apr What is the most affective way to los...
Can You Really Lose Weight? 9lb In 11 Days?
Well, those dramatic weight losses are just some of the claims being made by this rapid weight loss diet, which is a calorie shifting diet that keeps your body guessing as to it’s future calorie intake. It is claimed that this uncertainty d...

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What is the fastest way to lose weight in 11 days?
Q: I really want to lose weight in my "bun and thighs" in 11 days so suggestions and exercises would be appreciated.Thanks
A: I totally recomend the diet pill ADIPEX!!! I used it shortly after I had my baby and I lost 40 pounds in a month!!! I didint exercise or anything either but I would recomend it though that you do for better results but I swear by this diet pill, What it does is Supress your appitite and doesnt make you hungry. I believe you can only get it by prescription though but believe me it is worth it =] They also sell phentermine which is the generic kind 37.5 which works just the same... I hope I helped =] and good luck!!! Oh and I forgot to tell you that its not too exspensive either.. I payed 28 dollars for a 30 day supplu and you only have to take one little pill a day
How do I lose weight 8-11 lbs within about 2 weeks?
Q: I would really like to lose 8-11 lbs and as fast as possible without fasting? How is the best way to do this?
A: This is a dumb idea because you will cause more harm to you're body in the long run. You need to understand that 3 pounds is the ideal weight that is possible to loose in a week! If you want to loose 8-10 pounds just don't eat (no please do) and you can look sick and malnutritioned for whatever event you are loosing it for. This really isn't logical. Do it the correct way and it stays off longer.
How to lose weight for 11 year olds?
Q: Ok i am a 11 year old girl.I weigh 155 lbs and i am 5 ft.I need to lose weight can someone help me.To reach my goal of 100 lbs
A: dont drink soda only drink water and low fat milkdont watch more than 1 hour of tv a daydont eat chipseat ONLY 1 or 0 sweets a dayNO snackingNO fast foodif your parents are overweight suggest healthier food bcause that prob means they r giving u unhealthy foodstop eating when your fulleat lots of vegtableseat lots of fruitsjoin a sportmake sure u get some sort of exersize EACH daytake a walk around the neighberhood everydayif you can try jogging slow for like 5 or ten minutes a dayevery little thing you do counts good luck :)

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