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How much should you weigh if you are five feet and three inches tall

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The average weight for a person who is five feet and three inches tall is around 120-130 pounds. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-should-you-weigh-if-you-are-five-feet-and-three-inches-tall ]
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How much should a five foot and three inches tall girl weigh??
No one can answer this question except your physician. If you would like an estimate, I am also 5' 3" and weigh 148. I am also approximately 10-20lbs overweight. My guess is the range is approximately 130-140lbs. hey i weigh about the ...
How Much Should A Woman Weigh Who Is 5 Feet And 3 Inches Tall??
To determine how much you should weigh it is a 100 for the first 5 feet and then 5 pounds for however many inches so you should weigh 115-125 pounds.
How Much Should A 11 Year Old 5 Feet 3 Inches Tall Girl Weigh??
Im 11 yrs old and i weigh 108

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How much should I be exercising?
Q: I am a fourteen year old Asian female. Currently, I weigh around 110 lb. and am five feet four inches tall. I run three miles every other day. My parents are worried that I am overweight and they want to know how I can exercise more to loose weight. I know I'm kinda heavy and all but I really want to get in shape. Thank You. (:
A: hey if you can run three miles every other day, your cardiovascular health is amazing! most people can't even run a mile. if I were you, i would exercise 3 times a day. you wouldn't want to overdo a good thing or it will backfire. now if you're really concerned about health, you should try eating whole or natural foods. none of that greasy fast foods. changing a diet will serve you well not only for weight management, but also in the long run.you say you're heavy? ideally women around 5 feet 5 inches is 120 lbs. realistically, 110 lbs is a good weight, if somewhat a teeny bit under the scale. don't be concerned about your weight so much... you're still growing!
did i eat too much? should i lose weight?
Q: i'm fifteen years old and a girl. i weigh a devastating 105 and i'm five feet and one inch tall. :( i'm usually an xs to small in shirt sizes and it depends on where i get my jeans..but i'm a size 0 in american eagle. i know size zero seems really small...but i'm a size 3 or above in hollister! :(for the whole entire day (i'm not planning to eat anymore)....i ate:1 apple (70 calories)1 apple (70 calories)a bag of goldfish (130 calories)half a bagel (i feel terribly guilty...it's170 calories)and half a serving of cream cheese (40 calories)it's a whooping 480 calories! :0what are some tips in which i can stop myself from eating??hopefully i can maybe run around 7:00 today (probably 2 or three miles)
A: yeah the very MINIMUM you should weigh is around 105, and that's if you have a small frame. You should not try to lose weight, you could get very sick.
What should I expect?
Q: I am getting really anxious thinking about summer; I want to be in much better shape by the time it gets here. I've struggled with my weight for a long time and I'm ready to stop messing around and just get down to business. My birthday is in exactly 3 months and I want to give my self the best gift of all-wellness and health.My question starts here: I am female, I am roughly five feet, seven inches tall (5'7''), I weigh around 215 lbs. I am prepared to do whatever it takes and I'm starting better eating habits and exercising more. My question is-if I really work hard, and bust my butt, (literally) :) how much better shape could I be in at the end of three months? Is it possible to lose 25+ lbs. in that amount of time? Can I get toned up? I just want a realistic goal to look forward to. Can anyone help a silly confused girl?
A: I don't understand the answer above in relation to your question.A safe weight loss is around 2lbs to 2.5lbs a week.Don't make yourself miserable about it. Follow a good eating plan, carry on with your exercise, be patient and good luck. Enjoy, you are only young once.

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