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How much should a five foot three inch girl should weigh

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For a 5' 3" female, the ideal healthy weight is 126 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 112 and 140 pounds. ChaCha for now! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-should-a-five-foot-three-inch-girl-should-weigh ]
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How Much Should A 5 Foot 3 Inches Girl Weigh?
Well, the old school calculation is 100lbs+5-10 lbs for every additional inch over 5 feet even. So, 115-130. I think your individual figure is a factor though, some girls can carry around an extra 10 lbs better than others. I'm 5'3 too and...
How much should a five foot and three inches tall girl weigh??
No one can answer this question except your physician. If you would like an estimate, I am also 5' 3" and weigh 148. I am also approximately 10-20lbs overweight. My guess is the range is approximately 130-140lbs. hey i weigh about the ...
How much should a 5 foot 3 inch 12 year old girl weigh??
Im 170 and 53 and 12 but my bust is 38 and everything else is idk... You are a tooth pick.

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did i eat too much? should i lose weight?
Q: i'm fifteen years old and a girl. i weigh a devastating 105 and i'm five feet and one inch tall. :( i'm usually an xs to small in shirt sizes and it depends on where i get my jeans..but i'm a size 0 in american eagle. i know size zero seems really small...but i'm a size 3 or above in hollister! :(for the whole entire day (i'm not planning to eat anymore)....i ate:1 apple (70 calories)1 apple (70 calories)a bag of goldfish (130 calories)half a bagel (i feel terribly guilty...it's170 calories)and half a serving of cream cheese (40 calories)it's a whooping 480 calories! :0what are some tips in which i can stop myself from eating??hopefully i can maybe run around 7:00 today (probably 2 or three miles)
A: yeah the very MINIMUM you should weigh is around 105, and that's if you have a small frame. You should not try to lose weight, you could get very sick.
What should I expect?
Q: I am getting really anxious thinking about summer; I want to be in much better shape by the time it gets here. I've struggled with my weight for a long time and I'm ready to stop messing around and just get down to business. My birthday is in exactly 3 months and I want to give my self the best gift of all-wellness and health.My question starts here: I am female, I am roughly five feet, seven inches tall (5'7''), I weigh around 215 lbs. I am prepared to do whatever it takes and I'm starting better eating habits and exercising more. My question is-if I really work hard, and bust my butt, (literally) :) how much better shape could I be in at the end of three months? Is it possible to lose 25+ lbs. in that amount of time? Can I get toned up? I just want a realistic goal to look forward to. Can anyone help a silly confused girl?
A: I don't understand the answer above in relation to your question.A safe weight loss is around 2lbs to 2.5lbs a week.Don't make yourself miserable about it. Follow a good eating plan, carry on with your exercise, be patient and good luck. Enjoy, you are only young once.
How can a 13 year old girl lose 20 lbs. by summer?!?!?
Q: My friends are all super skinny and I weigh 130 lbs. I am five foot three and a half inches tall and I want to lose weight by summer or sooner!!!I want to be able to swim with confidence this summer. I want to able to do this without it messing my school day up!! any suggestions?!I really need this help... PLEASE!!!!!
A: Hi! I'm the same age, same problem, bigger height and weight.What I found for me is excercising at least 1 hhour every day and dieting.I eat less food at lunch and dinner. I snack on fruit and excercise if I feel hungry.I try to get one thing at lunch as a meal (usually a protein such as chicken or a salad and use only salt and pepper to season it) and a skim milk (90 calories).At dinner eat slow and take small bites. It takes your stomach 20 mins. to rejester that you are full. Remember that your stomach is only the size of your fist! Oh and drink lots of water. It fills you up, especially while your eating!_______________________________________________________-__Remember you look beautiful and before you eat anything un healthy, ask your self "do I really want this" before you eat. Do ten sit ups after every bite of it and ask your self again and again.I have lost 1.5 every day doing this!

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