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How much should a 15 year old who is 5 11 weigh

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If you're 5'11", of medium build and in the 154-166 pound range, you are considered at a healthy weight. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-much-should-a-15-year-old-who-is-5-11-weigh ]
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How much should you weigh if i'm 5'11'' and 15 years old??
I am 5'11'' and 16 years old. So we are actually pretty much the same :-D I am a girl, and I am assuming you are too. There isn't really a certain weight you should weigh for being 5'11''. It all depends on your frame and build, if you have...

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how much should a 15 year old boy weigh im 5'11, 125 pounds?
Q: im a goalie in hocky and im now realizing that im too skinnyi am not like anorexic or anything, not even really that skinny.i just dont weigh alothow much should i weigh
A: nah you're not anorexic or anything like that...i'm 6'1'' and weigh 160...i'm perfect weight for myself..so yeah..since you're a goalie, i'm guessing a highschool jv or varsity level right? something like that...well it's always good to have a nice amount of muscle when you're an athlete in highschool. but you have time to work on that throughout the offseason...you should probably can at least 15 pounds to be in the starting average weight for your height....but like i said, it's good to gain more muscle than fat for althetes. try working out in the weight room if you have it at school. or having your parents buy you a cheap weight set. drink a lot of milk (soy milk has less of the steroids that 2% has) and mostly have a diet of protein. hell, chow down on some mcdonalds a lot! haha...just, it's good to eat a lot of proteins, maybe even take more vitamins in too. good luck!!
How Much Should a 15 Year old Guy Weigh?
Q: im 15 years, old and around 5'11 / 6ftand i weigh 10.3 stone65 kg (i think :S)or 143lbsim not very lanky, but nor am i very broad shouldered or very widebut also what confuses me is that i am quite muscular, and i think muscle is more than fatwhen im with my friends they see me as a large, strong guy, but they always seem to stilll weigh more or similar weighs, even though they tend to be shorter.i do have a thing about fat and body image and i occassianaly starve myselfbut still am i underweight or something?? shouldnt i weigh more?yeah i dont need to lose weigh, i dont need to starve
A: If you go to google and type in BMI calculator, you can type in your height and weight and it calculates for you if you are in a healthy weight range for your height or if you are under or overweight.This site is the best to figure it out:http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/
Am i skinny?? I am 15 years old, 5 ft 11 and weigh about 145lb. What can I do to gain more weight?
Q: I have a really high metabolism and can eat alot

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