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How many times does a normal heart beat per minute

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You want your heart rate to be between 60-90 beats per minute. An average resting heart rate of a man is 70, and a woman is 75. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-times-does-a-normal-heart-beat-per-minute ]
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What is the normal amount of times for a heart to beat per minute...?
The normal resting adult heart beats regularly at an average rate of 60-100 times per minute, according to medicinenet.com. It depends on your age and cardiac health. The best way to determine your own "normal heart beat" is to re...

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Does anyone know what the normal heart beat per minute is?
Q: Do not answer unless you actually know that just wastes time
A: Children (ages 6-15) = 70-100 beats per minuteAdults (age 18 and over) = 60-100 beats per minute
how many times does the heart beat per minute?
Q: i am 15 yrs old and at rest my heart beat is 55 beats per minute and after working out or playing sports it reaches 66 beats per minute....is thr somethn wrong or is it normal?(btw i dont drink or smoke....)
A: The average resting heart rate is 70-90 beats per minute. You seem a little slow. Maybe you're just really relaxed.
How many times should your heart beat per minute?
Q: What's normal and what isn't?
A: Normal heart rate is 60-80 bpm but as long as you feel ok it can go as high as 100 bpm. Everyone is different. If it goes to 100 it shouldn't stay there, heart rates raise when you do things like exercise, move around, etc. but it should not go below 60 bpm.

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