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How many times a week should I work out my abs

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For best results, it is suggested you do it everyday for at least 15 minutes. Thanks. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-times-a-week-should-i-work-out-my-abs ]
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How many times a week should i work the abs?
Three days a week sounds good. If you're going to them don't just do crunches, do excercices that bend, twist, and curl. This way you train your whole abdomen and don't overtrain any one part. Excercices like oblique bends, bicycle crunches...
How many times a week should I work out my abs, and which exercis...?
if your working them hard enough (like you should) then you only need to work them once per week. if you want big ab muscles, like a washboard six-pak u gota get your body-fat percentage down very low, for me its under 5%. I have found the ...
How many times a week should i work my abs if i want to get a six...?
You generally don't want to workout one body part more than twice a week (including abs) unless you are taking something that will greatly reduce the chance of overworking yourself (like anabolic steroids). Everyone already has a six-pack. ...

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How many times a week should I work my abs?
Q: Like many other i desire to have a flat stomach and I was wondering how many times a week should i work my abs in order to get the best results. many websites say that you should work you abs no more than 3 times a week. However there are those who say it good to work them everyday. I don't know what to do I would really appreciate if someone could help me out.
A: i do every day.its up to you, you can do it as much as you want :]please help me out and answer my question :]http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090611102100AAA76mz
How many times a week should I work my abs to tone them and not strain them?
Q: Just wondering how many times I should work out my abs a week. I do not want to strain them and I want them to be toned. How much time should I spend to let my abs heal after a workout?Also, the first question, "How many times a week should I work my abs to tone them and not strain them?" The questions are about the same I am just wondering...*I really want abs!Thank You
A: Hello Christopher, Every other day is a good rule. Feeling a little soreness is ok but you want to give the muscles time to heal in between workouts. One of the best exercises is the ab crunch sequence. This exercise will ensure that you work each section of the abdominal musculature. These are a super slow set of crunches where you lay on your back on with knees bent, put your hands behind head and elbows out to the sides. Then lift each vertebra off the floor one by one until you're in the sit up position then do the same all the way back down to the begining position. Barely stop at the top and at the bottom. Keep in constant motion. Do these to fatigue making sure to breathe throughout the exercise. Follow up with 2 sets of alternating obliques where you take each elbow and go to the opposite sidewhile you are "curling up." Being careful to again lift each vertebra off the ball one by one. And, concentrate on making a smooth arc in the air with your elbow then alternate sides. No matter how far you get you will have worked both sides evenly. You can also do these on the floor with your feet ankered under a sofa.Best of luck to you!
How many times a week should you work out abs?
Q: 3x/week? 4? 5?I used to have a four pack but I got very lazy. I don't have a pack anymore, my stomach is just flat now, little toned.
A: every other dayone day to exercise the next for your muscles to rest and so on

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