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How many calories do you burn grooming dogs

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Grooming - bathing dog This activity burns approximately 230 calories per hour! ChaCha again, my friend! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-calories-do-you-burn-grooming-dogs ]
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My Dog Got Razor Burn From Groomer. What Can I Use? It Is Red And...?
Mild razor burn can be treated topically with an anti-bacterial cream and a topical steroid. Hydrocortisone sprays or creams will reduce the redness and irritation, while the anti-bacterial cream will prevent an infection. Aloe vera can als...
How can I help my dog who is now tramatized since being groomed t...?
I would recommend a DAP collar to decrease anxiety and stress. DAP- Dog Appeasing Phermone These appeasing phermones are emitted from the collar and will last for 4 weeks. These phermones are comforting and calming to dogs. The collar helps...

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