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How long would it take to ride a bicycle 5 miles

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It greatly depends on how fast you are riding that bicycle, it could take a short while or a long while depending on the speed. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-would-it-take-to-ride-a-bicycle-5-miles ]
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How long will it take you to go 5 miles on a bicycle??
It depends on how fast you are moving. For instance, if you are moving at ten miles per hour, it would take you thirty minutes.

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How long will it take to ride 8.5 urban bike trail miles?
Q: We have no car and I have got to be on time for work. I have always wanted to commute via bicycle but I must say I am intimidated. I have a fear of being late, lost or stranded. I am in good shape and ride sort distances (3-5) miles for leisure but have never reguared the time it takes. What is a good estimation?
A: It depends on:1 - Your conditioning. (how fit are you).2 - The terrain. (hilly terrain = more time).3 - Your bike. (road bike = faster, mountain bike with fat tires = slower).In the worst case, if you are a beginner who rides a heavy mountain bike with big fat knobby tires, and there are a lot of hills, it would take an hour or more.In the best case, if you are reasonably well-conditioned, riding a road bike with high gearing and skinny tires, and it's a flat urban bike trail. Less than 30 minutes.Hope this helps.
How long does it take to learn a Bicycle & What should I go for?
Q: I'm soon going to learn how to ride a bicycle, beforehand I need to pick one, When I did learn I would be travelling 5-10-miles a day on normal roads, nothing too steep, I have a budget of £200, though looking for more £150 as Id need to buy accessories with a frame size of 18" -19"1) What would be best a Mountain or Hybrid2) How long does it take to learn3) Is 10 miles a day ok, too much, too little? (I have no knowledge)
A: This answer is a bit longer than I intended but I hope you don't mind.A hybrid would be a good choice but also think about touring or trekking bikes. They are lighter, more comfortable and the gearing is designed for faster road cycling. Sorry to say but £150 will not get you a new bike that will handle a regular 10 miles a day. Gears will be pressed steel and will be worn away in 3 months. The paint will be wafer thin and will chip off leaving the steel frame underneath the rust. Your best bet is to buy second hand. Fortunately there are people who buy more expensive bikes with good intentions but never use them. After a few years in the garage they end up on eBay or in the local classifieds. Look at these websites and get an idea of bikes in the £300-400 range and then look for something similarhttp://www.wiggle.co.uk/c/Cycle/7/Hybrid_~_City_Bikes/http://www.evanscycles.com/categories/complete-bikes/hybrid-bikesAn easy way to judge quality is by the gears. Look at the front and rear derailleurs and check out were they lie in the Shimano range.http://cycle.shimano-eu.com/catalog/cycle/products/landing.jsp?JSESSIONID=LYGQnNNPtGlhPKQJxz0LpjJ94S4KhWyvrCGDjgMh3T2RQGbyXjmM!-295649698&ASSORTMENT%3C%3East_id=1408474395181667&bmUID=1217938944657If you are cycling to work or school every day (can't tell the age of your avatar!) you will need a cycle rack and mudgaurds either already fitted or with fittings on the frame. Another advantage of buying second hand is you can often get lights, etc. thrown in.I doubt most people in this forum can even remember learning to cycle, I can't, so this advice is from teaching my son. Find an empty car park on a Sunday morning, somewhere with plenty of space and nothing to bump into. Lower the saddle down so you can sit on it with both feet on the floor. Put one foot on a pedal and push yourself along with the other like a scooter. Practice starting and stopping like that for a while. When you're happy doing that then you can sart putting the second foot onto the pedal and free wheeling and eventually you can move on to pedalling the bike. Remember to keep your hands on the brake levers while practicing so you can stop quickly if you need to. You may need a couple of sessions of this before you are completely happy. Once you're confident don't forget to raise the saddle back up to normal height.One thing I can absolutely guarentee is that you will get a sore backside and stiff legs, don't be put off, it doesn't last forever!. The best thing to do is to try and minimise this by starting of with a few short rides and building up slowly to your final distance. 10 miles a day is a fairly comfortable distance, you shouldn't find it a problem and once you've built up the cycling muscles you will probably find you want to do more.Cycling on roads can be a bit daunting for a beginner, the best bet is to find a route that uses off road cycle routes or back streets where the traffic is lighter. Details of cycle routes can normally be found on local authority websites. Try practising your route ahead of time, again a Sunday morning is best as there is less traffic.Good luck and enjoy your cycling.
Would it be possible to draft off from their cars?
Q: I ride a “Trek Madone 4.5 WSD” road bicycle. Last year, I rode 4563 miles. She is a 50 cm carbon frame, with a Shimano 105 50/39/30 crank / Shimano 105 12-27, 10-speed cassette. This might be a bit silly, as I enjoy pedaling; I often choose to try to keep up with my friends while they drive their cars. This is the best option, especially since I’m the only cyclist in the group. So, every time we have an outing, they will drive and I’ll ride. As long as I could keep up with my friends’ cars, I would try to stay in line with them. Would it be possible to draft off from their cars?
A: Pepperdine University is obviously an expert in Aerodynamics ! (50ft indeed!!!!)Kate we all know it's possible. - The fastest speed I have been is 48mph (at a recent event a couple of guys rode over 50+mph - I may have too, but my computer faulted in the wet)This is downhill, of course, and it's as exhilarating as it is scarey!! (taking sweeping corners on wet roads at around 50mph IS scarey!)I've checked out the pic's , you look good on your bike and no doubt you're a competent rider but if for any reason the car had to brake(or indeed just laid off the gas) - you could not compensate at that speed or distance from the rear of the car! You would end up eating rear windscreen then tarmac!!You're a pretty girl - lets keep it that way - eh?Enough said!.

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