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How long should you stay in a sauna

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Enjoying a sauna is a personal thing, you should always listen to your body and do as you feel best. For a first time I would suggest you stay in for a few minutes, depending on the temperature.Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-should-you-stay-in-a-sauna ]
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I wouldn't go any longer than 10 minutes initially. You work your way up to the 30 minutes. Definitely do take a bottle of water. I love saunas.
Having a sauna is a wonderful luxury that has many benefits, including health benefits. Saunas have long been known to help improve the circulation, detoxify the boy and decrease stress in regular users. However, just as you would with any ...
its time to step out of the sauna back into fresh air and take a break from it. By following the tips above, you will be able to enjoy the many benefits of sauna usage. Being safe means being a smart consumer and these tips will aid you in ...

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How long i should stay in sauna if I am slim?
Q: I am slim but i want to go sauna to keep my skin look good, but i am a bit slim and i afraid of i will get slimmer when i stay in sauna. So how long i should stay in there? How many days a week and how long (mins) per time. (oh, and i am a boy) hehe Thank a lot!
A: you only lose water weight in the sauna. i suggest you bring a water bottle and keep yourself hydrated.saunas are good for relaxing your muscles after a workout.go into the sauna for about 15-30 minutes...or until you feel dizzy.sauna's are also beneficial to the skin, it opens your pores and cleans the toxins (make sure you wash your face after the sauna)
For how long should I stay inside a sauna?
Q: I just join a health club. They have finish sauna. For how long should I use it? I herd that you should take a cold shower after using it? Is that ok? What about poring oil in your skin? What kind of oil shlould I use? Thanks
A: 15-30 mintues, cool off 10 mintues before taking a cold shower and dont use oils since it will clog your pores.
How long should I stay in a 190 degree sauna?
Q: The YMCA keeps their sauna at 190 degrees. How long would you suggest I stay in it?
A: You should stay in there for only 15-20 minutes because the intense heat will easily dry out your skin. You need the moisture in your skin to fight off infections and after you dry out your skin it will take a while to regain moisture.

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