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How long should you eat after you work out

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You should wait to exercise if you've eaten a large meal (at least three to four hours, but sometimes up to six, is required). [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-should-you-eat-after-you-work-out ]
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How long should I wait after eating to work out??
Lately I've heard many trainers say that it's best to work out right after eating. That way you burn the fat or carbs that were just consumed and have more energy to work out. And same for eating after working out. The faster you eat after ...
How long should i wait to eat after I work out??
I drink a protein shake immediately after my workout and eat 5oz of banana. The shake contains 40 grams of whey and 35 grams of carbs from waxy maze. About 45mn later I eat 4oz of chicken or 95% lean ground beef and 8 oz of sweet potato pla...
What time should I eat if working out, how long before or after p...?
U cud eat when u feel hungry. U need not wait after workout so long as u r taking food at room temperature. If cold food, take after at least 1 hr by which time u body wud have cooled down. Eat well but only when hungry and not more than th...

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How long should you wait after you eat to work out?
Q: Just curious, sometimes I eat breakfast before going to the gym, and I was wondering if that is fine to do as long as I don't get cramps.
A: 30 min to an hour. Same thing you were told when you were 5 about swimming and eating lol. It gives your tummy enough time to start digestings, and you won't get cramps. Good luck!
What do you eat before a work out? And how long should you wait after eating?
Q: I am tryin so hard to work out and lose weight, but there is one problem! i dont know what the hell i am doing, can some one please give me some tips to help me on my weight loss journey. I am fully dedicated to live a healthier lifestyle. What worked for you?
A: Before a workout eat carbs for energy and 30 minutes to an hour afterwards, eat protein to repair the muscle fibers.As far as losing weight, do the following:Avoid fried foodsAvoid soft drinksDrink water everydayEat lots of fruits and vegitablesDo cardio 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutesLift weights 3 times a week
How long should I wait until I eat solid meat after a work out, after a protein shake?
Q: I heard that eating meat within 2 hours after a workout will counter the effects of a protein shake. Is this true?
A: you need to eat meat BEFORE u work out to absorb and use the protien during the workout

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