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How long should I wait after I eat to exercise

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Depends on the size of the meal, but waiting at least an hour will make you feel more comfortable when exercising. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-should-i-wait-after-i-eat-to-exercise ]
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How long should I wait to exercise after eating?
It depends how much you eat. Elite distance athletes still eat carb bars during exercise. Most will drink carbs 20 to 30 minutes prior to activity and during. Eating a meal takes longer to convert, and will get a "full" feeling th...
How long should i wait to exercise, after i eat?
An hour, even after something small like an apple. But to be safe make it a little more than an hour. And try to keep to an eating regime and it will be easier for you to exercise.
How long should i wait to eat after I exercise?
I thought its best to eat within the hour.dont they call it the golden hour or sumthin

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How long after eating shoud you wait to exercise? How long after exercise should you wait to eat?
Q: I would like to know this so that I can improve my exercise and diet regimen.
A: I read in Prevention Magazine that it's best to eat 2-4 hours before you exercise and make sure you drink plenty of water. You can eat right after exercising.
How long after you eat should you wait to exercise?
Q: I remember hearing somewhere that exercising right after you eat isn't good for you, but I don't remember how long you're supposed to wait, can someone please tell me?Oh and I mean eating a meal, not a snack.
A: A big meal will often cause gastrointestinal distress if eaten immediately before working out especially if it is very high in fat & protein. Wait time varies though according to the individual, the type of workout & the food consumed. Generally though 30-60 minutes is reasonable.
How long Should you wait after eating to Exercise?
Q: I have been on a very strict diet for about four months now. No greasy food or soda and I have managed to loose 20 lbs.But I ate some Pizza about an hour ago.How long should I wait to exercise to burn it off?And how long before it turns into fat?Thanks for all the answers. I'll pick one shortly.And I know the little pic of me is far from how I really look.I was over weight by at least 50-100lbs. And four months ago I decided that I've had enough of being obese.I got nervous after eating the pizza. Six slices, not just one.that's why i quit eating any junk food at all, once I start I just can't stop after one.That is a lot of peoples problem.I am far from small, even thought the little cartoon pic is close to me by the way of hair and slightly the face. And having a completely free Gym next door helps.
A: The general rule is wait one hour after eating before strenuous exercise. At least, that's what they say about swimming.

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