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How long does it take to change your metabolism

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Muscle speeds metabolism. As the body works more efficiently, it processes food faster and your appetite increases. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-does-it-take-to-change-your-metabolism ]
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How can you speed up your metabolism, and how long will it take t...?
Drinking more water Eating regular meals - few hours apart Eating protein - takes some time to break down compared to carbs Building Muscle - using dumbells or do strength trainin to increase your lean muscle mass - which will burn calories...
How long does it take when you first start exercising to notice t...?
It's difficult for anyone to estimate how long it will take for your body to increase its metabolism, especially without more information about what type of exercise you are doing and diet details, but I can tell you what will work the best...

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How long does it take for your metabolism to return back to normal after starving?
Q: I'm anorexic, I eat but not enough. I only get like 600 calories a day. and I want to change and just focus on being more healthy. But my metabolism is probably really slow from not eating really at all. How long does it take for your metabolism to go back to its normal rate? I should eat and eat and eat and eat and excercise and excercise and excercise and excercise. And drink green tea. How long do I have to do this for to get my metabolism back to normal?
A: Do it gradually. It should take around two months if you follow a strict diet of eating small meals every hour.
How long does it take for your metabolism to regulate and become higher after changing your diet?
Q: Now, i eat only 2 meals a day and i know this is wrong. I want to start eating 4 to 5 meals a day and drinking a lot of water. Of course, the meals are not gonna be big, they are going to be fair. So i just want to know how long does it take for the body to regulate its metabolism?
A: I agree.. it should be relatively quick-- a few days maybe. The idea is to prevent blood sugar highs and lows by eating frequently. There are lots of folks out there recommending drinking water before eating, but that actually reduces your body's ability to digest food well and absorb nutrients because it dilutes your stomach acid and digestive enzymes.It's smarter to drink between meals.Also, you may want to consider a starch and sugar-free diet. Whole non-starchy veggies (not whole grains- they're crammed with starch), high quality fats and meats will be absorbed more slowly into your bloodstream and you won't experience highs and lows anyway- meaning you can go longer between meals.
How long does it take for metabolism to adjust to fitness and dietary changes?
Q: I am an overweight, 40 year old diabetic, female. I have started eating less and exercising daily. How long should it take for my metabolism to change and start burning fat and calories? When should I notice a difference?
A: After a few weeks if the changes have been enough. You will be tired, sore and weak, then you should notice you have more energy. Depending on the regimine, you may actually have an increase in appetite, but it is what you eat that counts.

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