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How far can you walk in 10 minutes

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Most can walk comfortably at 2 miles per hour. This would mean you could walk .33 miles in 10 minutes. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-far-can-you-walk-in-10-minutes ]
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How far could walk in ten minutes if you walked ten meters in 4 s...?
This is basically a ratio question, so let's change the time into the same units; the 10 minutes into seconds, which is 600 seconds. Now set up the ratio: 10 metres / 4 seconds = X metres / 600 seconds Cross multiple and divide and you get ...

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How far can you Walk in 10 minutes?
Q: Hey...i asked this one last night, but didn't get many replies so trying again! I have been walking on my treadmill every night for the last three weeks and have been seeing results. i walk at a fast speed and do 1km every ten minutes. each night i am on for 70 minutes and do 7km. i was feeling really proud about my efforts, considering before i got my treadmill i never exercised!! last night my dad told me this was a weak effort and i should be able to do 7km in about 50minutes!! what do you think? how far can you walk in 10mins???
A: I think it takes about 20 min to walk a mile... so I would estimate 1/2 mile in 10 min.
Is the Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel a close walk to Kabuki-cho (red light district) and the trains?
Q: I want to be an easy walk from the crazy nightlife of Shinjuku and be close to the trains. This hotel seems nice, reasonably priced and somewhat close to where I want to be. However, I've never been to Tokyo so I really have no idea. I don't mind a 5-10 minute walk, but not too far as I will most likely be stumbling back to the hotel.
A: From reading the location description from the website it seems that the hotel is on the west side of the station but only 100 meters from it. So access to the station is very good but the only problem is Kabuki-cho is on the east side to the north. Shinjuku station is one of the biggest in the world and it's a little hike from the southwest side to the northeast side. If you hustle, I'd say you could do it in 10 minutes. If you're stumbling back drunk, it could be 15-20 minutes on foot.
How far could a cat walk? 10 points BA?
Q: If you had a cat who was stolen from you and lived like 3 minutes driving distance away from the cat, could it make it home?
A: Absolutely! Several yrs ago someone stole one of my Maine Coons. Two weeks later it came back. I found out thru friends that "a friend of mine" was the one that stole it and she lived 15 miles from me. Her pads were shredded from walking and she was starved, but with alot of TLC and med care she's fine. Now "my friend" that's another story! But yes a cat can travel great distances. You hear more of dogs doing this, cause most people don't pay any attention to cats or their abilities. But cats can travel miles and miles. I have one that is proof!

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