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How do I get a bigger butt without surgery

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The shape of your butt is based on genetics, the only thing you can do is add muscle to it by doing some exercises with it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-a-bigger-butt-without-surgery ]
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There are two things that add mass to a backside. One is exercise that adds muscle mass, and the other is eating things to gain weight and put fat on the rear end. Working out adds muscle mass, but cuts fat down. And fat reduction will be g...
・ 1 Target your gluteus muscles when weight training. As with any muscle in your body, your glutes will... ・ 2 Wear clothes that enhance your butt! Go clothes shopping and try to find items that make your butt... ・ 3 Put on a few pounds! No...
Squats and lunges.

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how do you make your butt bigger without surgery?
Q: i want a bigger butt without having to take pills or get surgery.
A: Try some exercises and more on this site to help you with it
how can i make my butt bigger without surgery?
Q: i have my breasts and no hips at all although i have a little bit of curves, its barely noticeable.,not proportion. So my biggest problem is at my butt. i hate when i have to look in the mirror everyday and see my butt just there, flat. i am VERY desperate into getting a bigger butt. i heard that exercisig gets your butt little but firm. but i dont want a little butt. i want a big butt that just stands right out. i no i should be proud of what i got. But i cant help but hate my noticeably flat backside. I want a nice bubble butt. does anyone have any suggestions on what i can do (instead of anyting by surgery or injection). and if you can give me little pointers on how to make my hips wider and my thighs thicker that would be GREAT! u dont know how i would feel if you email me right away. i would literally cry. I'm very greatful, thank you.
A: You can have half of mine... I've been trying to get rid of this ass for quite a while, but no takers!
Is there anyway for my friend to get bigger boobs and a bigger butt without surgery?
Q: My friend wants about the same size butt as me and wants bigger boobs, but mine is all natural, what can we do to help her out. but doing it in a way with out surgery....
A: Tell her go on birth control pills. They make u get bigger

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