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How can you tell if you pull a muscle

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Pulling a muscle is a strain and causes pain in the muscle. It may start to hurt immediately or several hours later. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-you-pull-a-muscle ]
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How to Tell If You Have Pulled a Muscle
・ 1 Recognize whether the pain you are experiencing is an ache or a severe tightness that restricts movement... ・ 2 Feel the muscle and check for swelling. A pulled muscle will have a buildup of fluids inside the muscle... ・ 3 Check the fee...
What to do when you pull a muscle?
A severely torn muscle can be as painful as a broken bone and in some instances more difficult to heal. The tear occurs when the fibers of the muscle are ripped apart and bleed into the muscle compartment. All of a sudden you feel pain and ...
What happens when you pull a muscle?
It means your muscle fibers are torn. It can happen if you dont stretch, or if you are really dehydrated cramps and strains can occur.

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How can you tell if you pulled a muscle?
Q: My calf muscle has been hurting for the past three days. i got a charlie horse then it started to hurt after that and hasnt stopped. I'm in dance and my dance teachers tell me to just dance it off. but it seems to stay the same. my friends think i could of pulled it but i dont know for sure.
A: Yes, it sounds like you pulled it. I pulled my muscles a couple of weeks ago. It hurt for about a week. You could take some muscle relaxers. I doubt you need to go to the emergency room.
how can you tell the difference between a hernia and a pulled stomach/abdomen muscle?
Q: i hurt my stomach from coughing too hard and i dont know if its a hernia or a pulled muscle. how can i tell the difference? (without a doctor for now)
A: okay, I have a umbillical hernia, and I got it during my last pregnancy. It started as a lump in my belly button, and not, it covers my belly button whole and is sensitive and you can physically feel it from the outside, as well as inside when you cough. If you indeed have this, you can get it medically corrected as I am, and it is in and out laproscopic surgery. Good luck!
how can you tell the difference between a muscle pull and a tear?
Q: i just started playing football and i think i pulled one of my quads on the first day of practice and it started to get better but on friday I did something to it again but it hurts a lot worse and i don't know if its a pull or a tear
A: If it was a tear you would be crying and screaming and couldn't move at all. If its a pull its only sore when you try to use it, kind of cramps up. I would try to stay off it, or try not to hurt it for a couple days. Keep it on ice. You'd probably really know if it was a tear. Those things are absolutely brutal.

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