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How can you run longer without getting tired

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- Warm up - Speed up your jogging every week a bit. - Use your arms to help you run. - Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Use your breath to help you pace yourself. - Have a goal. Makes it easier to go on. - Listen to fun music. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-run-longer-without-getting-tired ]
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How can I run longer without getting tired?
After I read you just told us, you haven't mentioned anything about sleeping longer and drinking soda (or any carbonated water) or donating blood. What makes you tried is possibly that you're not getting much sleep. Fatigue affects your run...
What are some ways to help you run a long distance without gettin...?
Hi Billy I was asking the same question when i started out a number of years ago,but there wasn't anybody that i could talk to that could provide answers.Here is 30 years of experience from start to finish.My program....Walk jog and staying...
How to run a longer distance without getting tired??
Getting tired is a normal thing when running long distances. However, if you have built up enough endurance it should not be a problem. One good way to go about it is with a healthy dose of LSD. However, this has nothing to do with illegal ...

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How do I run longer without getting tired?
Q: In gym class, we have to run a mile around the practice football field. There's 5 laps and for girls we have to get 10 mins or less for an A. I always run out of breath really easily and get bad cramps. On the test I got 12 mins and 30 secs which was a D. What should I do to be able to last longer without getting tired and get a better time? We have this test every Friday for the rest of the year.
A: Don't exhaust yourself in the beginning and start at a slower pace. Then pick it up in the end. Also, the more you do it the easier it'll be.
How can I gradually learn to run faster/longer without getting tired?
Q: i'm thirteen and have seen the people around me that can't run five meters without gasping for breath, and I dont want to be like that. I can already run relatively fast, and a half-mile I can run without any problems, but after that it gets a bit hard.it doesn't have to be sudden... just, gradually.(except i'm afraid of what people may think if I start running/jogging... you don't see a lot of thirteen-year olds jogging around the streets.....)
A: its going to take discipline and the willingness to regularly run. the only way you can run longer distances without getting tired is by building up your stamina and getting into shape. so, if you can run 1/2 mile right now without getting really tired, start with that. so, for two weeks, run either every other day or once every three days for a mile. that way, you'll be a little tired, but you wont be exchausted. then start running a mile and a half. then gradually start increasing how far you run. the trick is, though, to keep doing it. if you stop for a week or two, your endurance is going to go way down and you wont be in as good shape. so, gradually increase how far you run/how fast you run/how often you run, etc. and you should be able to run farther without getting tired. its hard work, but you can do it! good luck!ps. dont worry about what other people think. and the truth is, most people are impressed when they see people running, regardless of their age. they'll appreciate your discipline and maybe inspire them to start running themselves. but, if you dont want to run around the streets in your neighborhood, see if there is a track at your local high school or community college and run there. that's also a good way to measure how far you've run (each lap =1/4 mile). GOOD LUCK!!! :)
how can i become a REALLy fast runner, and how can i run longer without getting tired too quickly?
Q: maybe breathing patterns or anything?thanks!
A: Train hard and stay with your goal times. I prefer breathing with my mouth since I get more oxygen that way.

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