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How can I lengthen my torso

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The torso is said to be a "mystical" or "mythical" thing. You can utilize it properly and lengthen it with stretching. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-lengthen-my-torso ]
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Is there any way to lengthen your torso?
I have the same problem. The only way to fix it is to pick different parents. Since there's no way to do this for real, you need to do it by the way you wear your clothing. Don't choose contrasting colors for tops/bottoms that will cut you ...
Is it possible to lengthen your torso?
Actually yes it is, but limited. Once you have reached maturity (on average: male about 18 years old, female about 15 years old), your body stopped developing (I mean getting taller). The bones are fixed, there's not much we can do about it...
Is there a way to lengthen my torso?
lose weight (fat and muscle) and this will make you look comparatively longer/taller

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can yoga be used to lengthen the torso and make a person taller?
Q: I read that it can lengthen the spine. is this permanent and does it make you taller? id like to be a few inches taller with a longer torso and if it can do that i will take it up. any specific stretches to what i want? and how long would it take? thanks for the help best answer gets top answer, and as usual email me if this question closes and you have an answer helxig@hotmail.com
A: To gain more height, you need first to discover the physiological benefits of yoga and the poses associated with their benefits. For this purpose, here's a good free yoga e-course for you, you may find it useful:http://www.yoga-health-beauty-energy.com
Are there ways to lengthen your torso? Or the muscles in it?
Q: I was wondering if there were stretches or exercises to make my torso longer and more flexible. And that just strengthen your core. Thanks everyone :]
A: Are there ways to lengthen your torso? Or the muscles in it? yes
Is there a way to lengthen your torso?
Q: Im 15 1/2 about 5' 4". I hope i still have some growing to do. But im worried it will be more legs rather than upper body which is rather short i think.Is there a way to get your upper body/torso to be slightly longer?
A: YES. you may have scoleosis, check with a chiropractor. also, an inversion table helps lengthen the entire body since it lengthens what gravity shrinks and straightens your back.this is a long process, it isnt like weightloss, but it is very healthy, relaxing and beneficial, it also get blood cirulating to your upper body which is awesome!

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