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How can I improve the circulation in my legs

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Ways to improve leg circulation:1)Wear compression hosiery & socks.2)Try to lower your BP.3)If you smoke, quit. 4) Exercise (more) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-i-improve-the-circulation-in-my-legs ]
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How can I improve the circulation in my legs?
try doing more leg excersizes and walking more also massaging with peppermint oil/extract will also help also try keeping them as warm as possable
How can you improve blood circulation in your legs??
You can give her a little bit of coniac every morning after breakfast/ It's alcohol so that"s why you shouldn't give her too much just you know,1 ounce every morning or after lunch. That's what I was advised to give to my grandfather w...
What product works best for improving circulation to the lower le...?
Vascular Complete, this product promotes the health of our vascular system and ensures the arterial walls to remain supple and prevents them from becoming stiff and brittle. Another product that could help is LoveRx. This product contains a...

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Best exersise equipment to improve circulation in legs for a housebound person.?
Q: Hi what is the best piece of exersise Equipment for someone that is housebound...must improve circulation in legs please.
A: It all depends on your condition. I would say a treadmill is your best bet but if walking/running is difficult for you, you may want to consider a stationary bike or an elliptical machine as these are easier on the knees. It's great that you are going to do something to make yourself more healthy. You may also want to talk to your doctor and get some advise. Good luck.
There was a product on tv to improve circulation to legs and feet, it shook your ankles, what was it called?
Q: I am in a wheelchair, I workout my arms a lot but that doesn't help circulation in my legs and feet. Any non-assanine answers?
A: Train your legs hard like a bodybuilder but that I mean hard and then go on a low carbohydrate diet=this is the fastest and most practical wayYou can increase your legs tone with a specialized leg training routine like massive legs Be sure to train hard but very infrequently for best resultshttp://www.massivelegs.com/
How do you improve circulation in your legs?
Q: My mom has a condition where one of her legs has very poor circulation and it causes large brown patches over most of the leg. I have started to notice clusters of freckle-like spots on my lower leg and ankle, and worry its the same condition my mom has. However, the last Dr I went acted like he had no idea what I was talking about. Is there anything I should be doing to increase circulation in my legs?And no I don't smoke.
A: Exercise as much as possible without aggravating the problem , any exercise will help blood flow, if you can imagine DVT which has been made public by law suits to airlines, it's the same thing, in that case use the socks.But for you use the bike and the exercise machines, you will never get rid of it but to feel better keep exercising.I have the same problem.

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